Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heart happy

This weekend we had to share Mom with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Terri so we dropped her off at the airport and then we got to hit Ikea for dinner!  I was skeptical at first until I remembered that I could get gravlox. 
 Since we have so much time off, it was sort of a working weekend for us, catching up on our homework and our house and yard work. 
 Plus we had to check in with Grandpa after his surgery. 
 So no small part of Mom's visit was spent checking out places to eat around Monterey (the best was Pavels bakery! in Pacific Grove). 
 While we were raking leaves and taking care of our rooms Mom enjoyed the hospital's beautiful Koi!
It was all worth it though, Grandpa was released after 5 days and Mom was able to get them home and set up.  Grandpa is looking great and resting well!
 Mom got home in time to see us start a batch of hot-sauce.  Grace loves her new hedgehog nightie that Grandma made her!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Step by step

We have had a lot of time off of school this week for parent-teacher conferences.  It was great meeting with Mrs. D. and I got glowing remarks and am really doing especially well in math!  Mom and Dad got to visit with all of Owen's teachers, and they also heard really nice things about him.  His math teacher also was particularly complementary!  These conferences also meant we spent a lot of time at home, so we were especially grateful that we could wrangle a few play-dates with Gretta!  I think we managed to pull TWO frozen yogurt dates after ballet this week.
 plus a great afternoon making fluffy slime and American Girl Dolls.

 Saturday after Wushu, we all met at the farmer's market (bunny included) where we got some great chicken and biscuits for lunch (and Owen got a mushroom spinach crepe) we picked up a few treats for dinners this week (we just ate Dad's lamb saag and it was fantastic!)
 We walked down to the Portland Art Museum and met up with our friends to explore the Laika exhibit that showed off of the amazing sculptures they use to create some of our favorite films... Kubo and the box trolls! 
 The creativity, amazing detail, beauty and imagination were so wonderful to be able to examine up close. 

We did manage to wrangle a play-date for a bit where Esme and I figured out how to make rude noises with the flubber and a cup that had us in fits of laughter. 
 Joaquin and Owen spent a lot of time playing games on the computer but were lured out to make dinner for us.  They were on tortilla duty and dealt with our overly soft fresh masa very well and turned out tons of great tortillas and huarches. 

We finished up the evening watching Paranorman (another Laika picture).  Today our museum visit inspired us to make our own stop-motion movie!  After so much time off, we aren't exactly looking forward to school tomorrow.

Grandpa Tom is heading in for surgery tomorrow so we are wishing him the best of luck and a speedy recovery!  

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Fencing, Halloween, Flubber, Wontons, FroYo

I've been taking fencing as an after-school club for about a month now.   I get to wear this protective fencing outfit with padding and a wire face mask. It's not quite a knight's armor, but it gets the job done.  The two main keys to success in fencing seems to be speed and length.  I do okay on speed, but the taller 7th and 8th graders have me beat on length.

Halloween trick or treating went fairly well.  Grace went as Joy from Inside Out and I was Gru from Despicable Me.   We spent about an hour going from door to door in our neighborhood and managed to fill our buckets with candy.

 On Saturday, Grace had the great idea to make a new kind of flubber.  It's a fluffy flubber recipe that Mom found on the internet and the main ingredient is shaving cream.

Grace and I had a lot of fun making it and playing with it.

 Then I discovered that I could blow bubbles with it.

It has been awhile since we've made wontons, so that's what we did for a couple hours Sunday afternoon.

Now that we're getting a bit older, it's not too much work for the four of us.   We had some for dinner, and put most of them in the freezer for later this winter when I bowl of soup with be greatly appreciated.

After all that hard work making wontons, Mom took us out for frozen yogurt.   The weather has been much cooler here lately, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying a cold treat.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin carving time!

 October is a bit busy but overall treating us pretty well.  Friday was Owen's first middle school dance.... he had a good time, mostly waited in various lines but swears he danced for at least 10 seconds!   It was followed up by the Harvest fest at my school which is a pretty substantial affair.
 Costumes recommended!  Owen is Gru and I went as Joy from inside out.  I actually got a bit nervous about my fantastic costume and lost the wig before going 20feet in the door.  Mom was working concessions so no good pictures, but it was a pretty awesome festival!
The weather has turned sort of nice over the weekend, Mom had a bunch of work to do so Dad took us for a pretty sweet mushroom hike. 
 We weren't really collecting anything but pictures and got some good variety, including everyone's favorite, the jelly tooth!
 I even went with a certain enthusiasm because I got to use the walking stick and lead the way. 

 Bloom lake was pretty shallow (Owen did bring some fishing gear but catching fish in six inches of algae wasn't the most successful).  However the mushroom hunting was awesome and it was nice to get out and about!
 The beautiful red and yellow maple dropped all of its leaves in like two days. 

 We had our friends over this evening for some of Dad's fantastic risotto and pumpkin carving!  Everyone brought yummy treats and made some awesome pumpkins!

 E was going for a super scary face!
 They turned out pretty awesome !  We loved visiting with everyone!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Apple time!

It is seriously fall now, the trees are all filled with blazing colors and we finally made it up to Mt Hood to get some apples (and witness the fire damage and enjoy the colors).
Ballet has been going well for Grace, they get to be Bon Bons in the pre-professional show, so with the most advanced dancers this year!  I had a big wushu week and tested for my brown-gold belt. 
This was a pretty cool double-whip test and I have been working on it for months!

It was a fun test because we also got to see the competitive team do their forms as well!  Today we headed up to Hood River with the family.  It was a lovely drive overall, loads of impressive waterfalls, lots of bright yellow fall foliage, and more sadly extensive patches of fire scarred forests.  
Most were patchy (like below), until you got closer to Eagle creek where the damage was more extensive. 
We had a nice lunch at full sail in Hood River, and walked around town for a bit before heading out to Kiyokawa family orchards.  They had a bunch of apples for tasting and buying!  
We started by picking a box of our own (winter banana, jonagolds, and maybe some mitsus), and then rounded things out with some fun heirloom varieties from the boxes. 

Plus any time you can race the wagons through the fields makes for a pretty good day!

The rain held off until we were on our way home, which was good for us! 
We got home in time for Owen to finish his chocolate batch and Mom to get dinner with Linda!  It was a pretty awesome day enjoying the fall weather and the rain break.