Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Family Fun with Abalone

Well, another exciting weekend, but this one was particularly nice because I got to spent time with a lot of my relatives. Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up for the long weekend. I hung out with the guys while Mom and Grandma had a fun ladies day on Saturday. I attempted dinner at Pignole... the newish restaurant in town, but after getting into Dad's short ribs left a little early to go home for a nap. Dad went abalone diving with some of the farmhouse gang and brought back some good gastropods to share for Sunday.

Sunday we had a fantastic barbeque at my Great-Auntie Gigi and Great-Uncle Dudley's house. I got to play horsey with my Tai Goong and Tai Pa (let me know how to spell this!). We also got to see Jason, Ann and Kaylee. Kaylee is looking so pretty in pink and is even driving these days!

G'Aunt Geralyne and G'Uncle Mark, as well as super cousins Erin, Mike, Adrianne and Toni also got to join us. Being able to visit with everyone made this weekend very special and lots of fun.

So other than the news that I love rolling (just from front to back or back to side) these days, our friend Kate from Sydney has been visiting and working with Dad. She has been a great diversion from my typical evenings of just Mom and Dad. I also have attempted my first real foods in my swank high chair. Although I like my chair, and I even like feeding myself, I don't exactly like food all that much. I tried some applesauce and some pureed veggies... which went in... and right back out. I was doing my impression of a slowly erupting volcano.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finally Video Evidence of Owen Rolling Over

There have been many claims that Owen has rolled over from his belly to his back in the past couple weeks, but until now they have remained unsubstantiated. Here for the first time is actual video footage of this amazing stunt. Just remember you saw it here first on Owen's Baby Blog.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Wedding and Firefighters

I love my octopus (okay... it's really a pentapus) toy... it makes a particularly great hat.

Saturday was great, we went to Kristin and Jeremy's beautiful wedding at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. In spite of some grey clouds earlier in the day, it turned out perfectly by the evening and the wedding. Kristin looked beautiful and Jeremy serenaded her during the ceremony... turns out there is a lot of musical talent in those two families. We had a lot of fun and everything was wonderful.

Sunday we enjoyed pancakes and eggs at the Bodega Firefighters pancake breakfast with David, Randall, Steve, Tami and Grady as well as a myriad of other Bodega folk. Nice fluffy pancakes, nice firefirefighters hosting and cool trucks outside!

Monday, May 15, 2006


It's been a fun week. On Tuesday we enjoyed a great cookout at Suzanne and Keith's house. The first for us of the season and a real treat, good company and good food. Mom and I ran around a lot this week, lots of errands, a celebration at the wine bar for Suzanne's birthday and we also checked out my new day care that I'll start next month. I really enjoyed watching all of the kids run around.

More exciting things... I also rolled over early in the week, but can't seem to remember how to do it any more. It was Mom's first Mother's Day. It was really nice. Dad made pancakes in the morning, then we spent some time playing Occidental tourist and then we had a cookout at our place. Dad smoked some great ribs, turkey, salmon and tenderloin and everyone brought a yummy dish to share. Lots of people helped us celebrate... Randall, David, Keith, Suzanne, Pamela, Matt, Caden and Cascade (another new Mom!).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

At Four Months...

We had a lovely weekend in Fresno with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ryan. On Sunday I was baptized at Hope Lutheran. It was really nice and I was very well behaved. My sponsers were Uncle Ryan and our good friend Rebecca Smith, and I feel very luckythat I will have such loving and kind spiritual guidance.

Also this weekend I got to meet Remy, Uncle Ryan's new dog. He's really sweet and calm. Scooter, who is just as sweet though less calm was thrilled to have a playmate. On the way home we stopped to visit great-Auntie Geralyne... she made me laugh and laugh. Oh... I also had my four month doctor's visit last week. For those who are interested, I now weigh 14 lbs 11 oz and am 26 inches long, and am otherwise well vaccinated and healthy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

What a busy weekend.

I was out and about a lot this weekend. On Saturday I went to SF with Mom and Dad. We stopped for Dim Sum at Ton Kiang, which was very yummy and had lots of kids around to stare at. We then spend a few hours shopping on Sacramento Street. The whole shopping experience was great at first, all of the ladies crooning over me, but after a while I had enough.
We also visited my cousins Jason, Ann and Kaylee. It was a nice afternoon, Kaylee let me play with some of her toys. She's so big and strong now! She's got a strong set of pipes on her as well, which she showed off and startled me a few times.
Sunday was another beautiful day on the coast. We went to the Occidental Arts and Ecology plant sale and then had a nice walk around Ragle Park with Randall. It was nice to spend some time outside and in the sun again.