Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Family Fun with Abalone

Well, another exciting weekend, but this one was particularly nice because I got to spent time with a lot of my relatives. Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up for the long weekend. I hung out with the guys while Mom and Grandma had a fun ladies day on Saturday. I attempted dinner at Pignole... the newish restaurant in town, but after getting into Dad's short ribs left a little early to go home for a nap. Dad went abalone diving with some of the farmhouse gang and brought back some good gastropods to share for Sunday.

Sunday we had a fantastic barbeque at my Great-Auntie Gigi and Great-Uncle Dudley's house. I got to play horsey with my Tai Goong and Tai Pa (let me know how to spell this!). We also got to see Jason, Ann and Kaylee. Kaylee is looking so pretty in pink and is even driving these days!

G'Aunt Geralyne and G'Uncle Mark, as well as super cousins Erin, Mike, Adrianne and Toni also got to join us. Being able to visit with everyone made this weekend very special and lots of fun.

So other than the news that I love rolling (just from front to back or back to side) these days, our friend Kate from Sydney has been visiting and working with Dad. She has been a great diversion from my typical evenings of just Mom and Dad. I also have attempted my first real foods in my swank high chair. Although I like my chair, and I even like feeding myself, I don't exactly like food all that much. I tried some applesauce and some pureed veggies... which went in... and right back out. I was doing my impression of a slowly erupting volcano.

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