Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm 5 months old today!

To prove that I"m growing up (way too fast), I was a good kiddo in Daycare today. It was only my third (half) day but Lisa said I napped for about an hour and enjoyed watching the kids play outside. I only got fussy the last five minutes or so before Mom came to pick me up.

This week in Owen news, other than starting daycare and that my odyssey into the world of rice cereal and pureed foods contiunes with each day a little more successful than the last, we celebrated Randall turning her dissertation in... Congratulations Randall! On Friday there was a great artshow/sale at Gourmet au Bay featuring prints done by kids at Pastures Preschool. We hung out for a while and listened to the band and bought some art. However it was in part a ploy to keep Randall busy while we got ready for a surprise party for her downstairs in her and David's apartment. We had a great time, and the grown-ups enjoyed lots of good food including this season's first salmon courtesy of Joe. Everyone particularly enjoyed a cheerleading video from Randall's HS years.

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