Sunday, July 09, 2006

Beach baby

Still Clean... or at least we try! Baths are more fun if you have a rubber ducky to play with!

This was a pretty relaxing weekend a nice way to welcome my 6 month milestone. Friday we enjoyed a nice evening out at the Ace in the Hole, saw a good band and lots of friends from the lab. It was so exciting that I took a nap! Actually it was lots of fun, I got to boogie with lots of friends, it wore me out. I hung out with Mom on Saturday while Dad went fishing (and brought us home some rockfish and made some great ceviche, or so Mom says).
Lynn and her pup Maddy came to play on Sunday. We really had a great time hanging out with them. The dogs kept me totally entertained while the grown-ups chatted. Then we all went to Doran Beach and had a great walk. It was much cooler on the coast but still sunny and really beautiful.

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