Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary to my Great Grandparents!

When traveling, I have to improvise sometimes 'cause my folks didn't want to cary around my bath tub!

I have had quite the exciting weekend. To start with... on Friday, I got my first tooth in and it looks like the second is already on its way! Very exciting, it makes me suck in my bottom lip and play with it all the time. As soon as I'm ready to let Mom take a picture of my tooth, I'll post it. Even more exciting was a visit to Michigan for my Great-grandpa Em and Great-grandma Jean's 60th anniversary! Can you believe it... 60 years!

We started our vacation on Friday (very early in the morning). Met up with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Terri in Arizona and flew the rest of the way to Michigan. It was so nice to have them on our flight. Made traveling much easier. After we landed in Michigan, we met up with Uncle Ryan and found our way to my Great-grandparents' house. What a treat to be able to meet them as well as my Great-Auntie Ann, first-cousins (once removed) Jay, Katie and Sam, Great-great Aunt Harriet and first-cousin (twice removed)Margo! You would think I would be overwhelmed with all of the love and play time I got with everyone but truth is that I loved every second of it!

Saturday was Great-Grandma Jean and Great-Grandpa Em's Anniversary party with family and close friends in attendance. It was very special to meet all of the people who have been so important to my Great-grandparents. Of course it was most special meeting my Great-grandparents themselves. I am such a lucky baby to be loved by so many generations of my family and to have the chance to play with them all!

Headed home on Sunday after breakfast with everyone in Michigan. Again, did really well on the plane and impressed everyone around me! On the last leg of the trip, a woman behind us was surprised that I was even there as we were getting off of the plane. All in all a fantastic weekend!

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