Sunday, July 16, 2006

Such a sunny weekend

Friday, we hung out with lots of BML folks at the wine bar. It was a really nice afternoon and a good chance to catch up with everyone. Saturday morning Dad and I baked a cake while Mom was at yoga. Afterwards we spent the afternoon at Matt, Cascade and Caden's. They have a great backyard that benefitted from shade. It was really pleasant to sit in the shade, munch on popsicles and to hang out with friends on a beautiful afternoon.
Sunday was Mom's birthday. To celebrate we went into SF and had some Dim Sum, and a fun afternoon walking around North Beach and China Town. We got a nice crowd out... Jenna, David, Randall, Matt, Cascade, Caden, Pamela, Kris, and Kyle. The weather was sunny but not too hot in the city, unlike back at home where it was baking hot. I played in my jumper while Mom and Dad got creative and did some potato prints for fun. We ended the evening with a bath and some birthday cake that was YUMMY!

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