Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

For Dad's birthday, a gang from BML got together and went on a tour at the Lagunitas Brewery It was a fun crowd, so I got lots of attention. Everyone enjoyed their tours of all of the different beers and of the brewery itself. The afternoon was kicked off with lots of tastings, then the tour and finally more tastings of some of the seasonal brews. The tasting room was very comfy, lots of couches and foosball.
Tonight we had a great pizza night with Randall, Kristin and Kirsten. It was good to have a nice evening at home catching up with everyone.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Soaking up Sonoma Sunshine

After a really busy work week for Mom, we decided to have some fun this weekend. Friday was a nice evening at Marthas with the Green Crab crew to mark the end of a big trapping week. We followed up yummy mexican food with some ice cream at Screaming Mimis. After dropping Cat off on Saturday morning we visited with G'Auntie Gigi, G'Uncle Dudley, Jason, Ann and Kaylee. It was a beautiful day and following a lunch of soup dumplings and home made Joong (mmm) we hung out in Auntie Gigi's garden and watched Kaylee run around and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Sunday has been pretty busy. We started off slowly, went to the Occidental Arts and Ecology plant sale, picked up some plants for the fall, including leeks, choy and snow peas.

Stopped by the bakery in Freestone for some bread (they had Mom's favorite Fougasse and Scone flavors today) and people watching. I like to play the unofficial greeter to all of the customers while there by smiling to everyone coming in.

We then headed over to the Bodega Seafood Art and Wine festival... mostly we looked around at a lot of craft booths, we were too full from the bakery to really enjoy any of the food there.

We finished our afternoon up with a walk around Spring Lake. There were tons of other people there enjoying the beautiful day.

Just to keep everyone aprised of my progress ... I am scooting along quite well, though not exactly crawling yet... my belly still drags on the ground. My favorite toy is currently a water bottle filled with a few beans for which I will "crawl" great lengths to grab. Naps are my bane... I can and will fight them off with every bit of my power, there is just too much to do and see to spend much time asleep. I may have a future in wrestling, I have some pretty sweet moves that let me escape from getting my diaper changed. I'm eating more and more food off of Mom and Dad's plate... my favorites are bananas, squash, blueberries and any kind of meat. I still love watching Dad in the kitchen from my jumper. Also, I LOVE baths... and really don't like getting out once I'm all clean. Life is good.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mendocino and the Apple Festival

I got me a fish!

After a stellar week at daycare... we had a pretty easy going weekend so I could deal with a little cold and just hang out with Mom and Dad. Friday Mom and I hung out with Matt, Cascade and Caden at the pub and for dinner while Dad headed up to Elk to camp out for his fishing trip. We were set to join him but figured camping + a runny nose weren't in my best interest. Anyhow, after a lively night with Mom, the two of us headed up to hang out with him and the other fishers for Saturday. The cove they launch out of is BEAUTIFUL!

Although the weather was nice from shore, apparantly it was pretty choppy on the water. We had fun visiting, walking on the beach and making fish prints of some of the fish Dad and some of the other folks brought in.

Sunday we got going in the morning slowly, then headed out to the Apple Festival in Sebastopol. The festival was lots of fun, and the perfect size... we hit everything without getting tired, saw all sorts of farm animals, bees, music, food and crafts. The highlights were watching them shear an angora goat, apple fritters and tasting all sorts of local honey (okay... Mom and Dad tasted... I still have some time before I get honey... but the goat was cool).

Although it still sometimes looks like slugs are racing to get out of my nose, I'm feeling pretty good... still very happy, just congested. So I think I am well on my way to recovery.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Trip to Fresno

As promised... my first teeth picture! You may have to squint a little bit but count them... TWO on the bottom!
I've had a really busy week since my last entry. Tuesday, the Stachowicz Lab had a farewell party for Pamela (Sweetie, great dogsitter and Technician extraordinare) in conjunction with a celebration of Randall's birthday. There was a ton of fantastic food, including a particularly tasty version of shrimp and grits a la Jay.
Thursday I had another vist to Dr. Cunningham for my check-up. At seven months I now weigh 17lbs 11.5oz, am 27 1/4 " long, and have an 18" head circumference. After my immunizations I was pretty unhappy for the next 12 hours or so with a little fever, which went away by Fri. afternoon.

Friday, we went to Fresno so we could see Diane before she moved to Vermont! We also got to spend some time with Becky, Casey, Susan and Nolan. I had to take off fairly quickly after brunch 'cause I had skipped my nap earlier and needed a snoozer.

After brunch with the gals, we headed to Tulare to visit with Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry. After hanging out on their laps for a while I scooted all over their living room and showed how far I can really "crawl" (if you generously define that word). After heading home and hanging out with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom for a while we all headed to the Mochizuki's house for a barbeque. It was so much fun to hang out with every one but pshew... by the end of the day I was pooped!
We took it much easier on Sunday... just had a leisurely breakfast at the Grandfolks house. I played with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and Dad ran some errands around town.

When they got home I went for my first swim in the spa. Okay, I didn't take to it like a fish... the water was a bit chilly, but I got the hang of it after I got used to it. Splashing was kind-of fun, but it was nicer just to put my feet in and watch Mom and Dad trying to show me how much fun it could be.
Actually, my favorite part was rinsing off in the shower with Dad afterwards... much warmer than the spa!
On our way home on Sunday, we stopped to visit Great-Auntie Gigi and G'Uncle Dudley for dinner. We had a nice time playing with them and catching up. We made it home around 10 pm and I kept mom and dad up a little longer, since I got to nap during most of our car trip, but was still pretty tuckered out and slept very well.