Monday, August 14, 2006

Mendocino and the Apple Festival

I got me a fish!

After a stellar week at daycare... we had a pretty easy going weekend so I could deal with a little cold and just hang out with Mom and Dad. Friday Mom and I hung out with Matt, Cascade and Caden at the pub and for dinner while Dad headed up to Elk to camp out for his fishing trip. We were set to join him but figured camping + a runny nose weren't in my best interest. Anyhow, after a lively night with Mom, the two of us headed up to hang out with him and the other fishers for Saturday. The cove they launch out of is BEAUTIFUL!

Although the weather was nice from shore, apparantly it was pretty choppy on the water. We had fun visiting, walking on the beach and making fish prints of some of the fish Dad and some of the other folks brought in.

Sunday we got going in the morning slowly, then headed out to the Apple Festival in Sebastopol. The festival was lots of fun, and the perfect size... we hit everything without getting tired, saw all sorts of farm animals, bees, music, food and crafts. The highlights were watching them shear an angora goat, apple fritters and tasting all sorts of local honey (okay... Mom and Dad tasted... I still have some time before I get honey... but the goat was cool).

Although it still sometimes looks like slugs are racing to get out of my nose, I'm feeling pretty good... still very happy, just congested. So I think I am well on my way to recovery.

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