Sunday, August 27, 2006

Soaking up Sonoma Sunshine

After a really busy work week for Mom, we decided to have some fun this weekend. Friday was a nice evening at Marthas with the Green Crab crew to mark the end of a big trapping week. We followed up yummy mexican food with some ice cream at Screaming Mimis. After dropping Cat off on Saturday morning we visited with G'Auntie Gigi, G'Uncle Dudley, Jason, Ann and Kaylee. It was a beautiful day and following a lunch of soup dumplings and home made Joong (mmm) we hung out in Auntie Gigi's garden and watched Kaylee run around and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Sunday has been pretty busy. We started off slowly, went to the Occidental Arts and Ecology plant sale, picked up some plants for the fall, including leeks, choy and snow peas.

Stopped by the bakery in Freestone for some bread (they had Mom's favorite Fougasse and Scone flavors today) and people watching. I like to play the unofficial greeter to all of the customers while there by smiling to everyone coming in.

We then headed over to the Bodega Seafood Art and Wine festival... mostly we looked around at a lot of craft booths, we were too full from the bakery to really enjoy any of the food there.

We finished our afternoon up with a walk around Spring Lake. There were tons of other people there enjoying the beautiful day.

Just to keep everyone aprised of my progress ... I am scooting along quite well, though not exactly crawling yet... my belly still drags on the ground. My favorite toy is currently a water bottle filled with a few beans for which I will "crawl" great lengths to grab. Naps are my bane... I can and will fight them off with every bit of my power, there is just too much to do and see to spend much time asleep. I may have a future in wrestling, I have some pretty sweet moves that let me escape from getting my diaper changed. I'm eating more and more food off of Mom and Dad's plate... my favorites are bananas, squash, blueberries and any kind of meat. I still love watching Dad in the kitchen from my jumper. Also, I LOVE baths... and really don't like getting out once I'm all clean. Life is good.

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