Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's been a long week!

Yet another busy week! We started out on Tuesday with a trip to SF to visit with Derek Masaki. We mostly hung out at the Metreon where we got to ride my first Merry-go-round, watch iceskaters, play video games with my feet, and see how Derek has been. He totally cracks me up and we had a really nice time.

This weekend was very busy... I went on my first camping trip up in Lake Mendocino for Dad's fishing tournament (Bendo at Mendo II). Camping went really well. I loved being outside, but especially loved the tent (all of those cool walls and it was filled with soft things for me to use as an obstacle course). After camping on Friday night, and seeing the fishers off on Saturday morning... Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up for a visit. We had a picnic lunch then left Dad to catch really big fish and headed to Healdsburg to walk around for a little bit. That afternoon we got news that Dad had not only caught a big fish... he caught the biggest fish and won the tournament. Yay Dad!

We had a fantastic dinner at a new place in Occidental, Bistro de Copins (very yummy, I helped G'ma out on her shortribs and mashed potatoes) and had a lazy morning on Sunday. Mom and I ran into the Bodega after everyone took off in the afternoon. To finish off the weekend, we had good chinese take-out with Kristen, Randall and David. It was nice to see everyone and we enjoyed the good company.

Sadly, we received news that my Great-grandma Jean passed away after a long struggle against cancer. I am so glad and feel so lucky that we met a few weeks ago when we went for a visit. We had such a nice time together, she will be deeply missed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A quiet weekend

Its been a low-key weekend. Friday was a nice dinner at the cottage with lots of Stach. lab folk. Kirsten brought back some wild rice from Minnesota and made a fantastic soup that we all enjoyed. We spend most of Saturday at the lab as well as a little bit on Sunday, Mom had some fish to feed. The weather is amazing... Bodega's perfect fall... sunny, warm, clear. It was a pity to stay inside too much, so Dad and I took a walk. Mom gardened a little in the afternoon, but all in all a pretty mellow day. Sunday was also a slow start, walked around Occidental for a little bit, talked on the phone to Great-grandma Jean. We managed to make it out to Guernville to log in a little bit of outside time and spent a little bit of time on the beach at Monte Rio. I loved kicking up all of the rocks, getting my feet wet and watching the ducks float by.
We had a nice evening with Randall and David and the Washington v. Dallas game. The grown-ups enjoyed some yummy veggie enchiladas, but I was looking for the meat (my favorite). We played a lot with their exercise ball, which I loved to bonk my head against and kick my feet on. I showed off how wiggly and fast I can get across the floor and climb up folk. I tried to help them identify potential ways to child proof their home, though they have a while before TK gets as mobile as me!

Monday, September 11, 2006


We spent this weekend mostly at home, though I did run a few errands with Mom on Saturday. Sunday, we hosted a party along with Suzanne and Keith to celebrate the imminent birth of Randall and David's baby! It was brunch, so there was lots of potatoes, sausage, egg dishes, and folks contributed some fantastic breads, baos, jin dui, and desserts (so there was lots of food!). It was fun to hang out with everybody and to enjoy the deck on a very nice day. Randall and David got lots of really cool and really tasty looking books as well as some extremely nice stuffed slugs, fun knit items and cute clothes. I got to spend lots of time hanging out with my friends and gnawing on cups... mmm... cups.

In other Owen news... well, nothing extravagantly new, but my folks think I am working on a new tooth, but I hate to open my mouth to let them poke around so it's really a mystery. I am a fast scooter (sometimes faster than even Scooter my dog) and have taken to hunting up Scooter's toys and the volume dial on the radio (my favorite setting is "vol - max"). My wrestling moves are extreme and I defy anyone to change my diapers these days without at least one viable escape attempt. Although I am still nursing lots, I also am eating a lot of grown-up food... that strained stuff is not high on my list of favorite foods.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie!

This weekend we went to Wolcott to go to Auntie Tami and Eddie's wedding. I now have a new uncle! It was a beautiful and busy weekend. I got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Steves as well as lots of other members of the family.

The weather wasn't great, we even had the remnants of Hurricane Ernesto passing through during the wedding. We finally had some nice weather the night before we left for home and Mommy took me out to see the wild flowers like these spotted touch-me-nots in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard.