Monday, September 18, 2006

A quiet weekend

Its been a low-key weekend. Friday was a nice dinner at the cottage with lots of Stach. lab folk. Kirsten brought back some wild rice from Minnesota and made a fantastic soup that we all enjoyed. We spend most of Saturday at the lab as well as a little bit on Sunday, Mom had some fish to feed. The weather is amazing... Bodega's perfect fall... sunny, warm, clear. It was a pity to stay inside too much, so Dad and I took a walk. Mom gardened a little in the afternoon, but all in all a pretty mellow day. Sunday was also a slow start, walked around Occidental for a little bit, talked on the phone to Great-grandma Jean. We managed to make it out to Guernville to log in a little bit of outside time and spent a little bit of time on the beach at Monte Rio. I loved kicking up all of the rocks, getting my feet wet and watching the ducks float by.
We had a nice evening with Randall and David and the Washington v. Dallas game. The grown-ups enjoyed some yummy veggie enchiladas, but I was looking for the meat (my favorite). We played a lot with their exercise ball, which I loved to bonk my head against and kick my feet on. I showed off how wiggly and fast I can get across the floor and climb up folk. I tried to help them identify potential ways to child proof their home, though they have a while before TK gets as mobile as me!

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