Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

My first Halloween was pretty exciting. I went to the pub with Dad and David... followed up by pizza with Randall and James and Mommy. I went as a frog, James was a hot chili pepper, and Scooter was a monster. There were a handful of kids that came trick-or-treating.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to Fresno

We headed back to Fresno this weekend... lots of people to play with! We arrived after an uneventful drive Friday afternoon. Before we left, I got to play with some chimes... I'm quite proficient.

Saturday, we met up with Mom's dear friend Becky and her brand-new fiance Casey. The happy couple will wed just before Christmas and man... they're such a sweet couple, and I had fun playing with Becky at the La Boulangerie while the adults caught-up and ate pasteries.

A little later that evening Uncle Ryan and his pup Remy came from Las Vegas. I love hanging out with Uncle Ryan. He's tons of fun. We also had a fantastic dinner with Auntie Donna, Uncle John, Jenna and Dorthy and Hiro Mayeda. Grandma and Grandpa made a fantastic feast and I got lots of attention.

After a very very rough night Saturday, I definitely have an upper tooth on it's way in, we woke up a little late. We headed to see Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry in Tulare. They have a fantastic living room with lots of room for me to practice my crawling. G'Uncle Steve, G'Auntie Jun and Eric met us for lunch. I had some yummy meatballs and lots of good company.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

Tuesday, James and his folks (Randall and David) came over for some nice pumpkin curry that Dad made. He was such a good baby... Dad and David practiced swaddling and did a very nice job.

On Friday, there was an art show at Gourmet Au Bay to benefit Pastures preschool. We checked out and purchased some art created by the 2-4 year olds. They were really quite good! After I got a little tired of watching the grown-ups drink wine, we headed downstairs to visit with James and family. His grandparents were in town so we hung with them for the evening and enjoyed some nice chicken pie that Mrs. Hughes made (I loved it!). The weather this week has been amazingly nice... sunny, warm, our Sonoma autumn. Saturday was pretty mellow, just ran some errands and played with Mom while Dad went abalone diving with Naoaki. Sunday, we went for a walk... I walked Scooter for some of the way, actually was loathe to give up the leash, but there were lots of people around so I passed him off to Mom.

Afterwards, we went to Grady, Steve and Tammi's house for a pumpkin carving contest. Actually we started with lunch at the Valley Ford Hotel. I think they redid it recently; the back deck was really nice and the pulled pork sandwich was yum. We got to spend the afternoon with lots of nice people... Grady was particularly nice to me. It was a beautiful day and pumpkin carving was lots of fun. Everyone did a fantastic job... there were some really cool designs. Mom won first place... well, okay, it was by drawing rather than skill (the rest were much fancier), but still fun!

In other Owen news....I'm crawling now! Really crawling, no more of this "wounded soldier" scooting along these days, crawling is much faster.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall is here!

The weather has taken on a chill, the leaves are turning color and we went looking for pumpkins today!

This week was a fun one for us... we got to hang out with baby James a few times this week, including this Friday at Gourmet au Bay. He's so tiny and so cute! He's mostly bundled up, so can't really be seen in this picture (on David's lap).

Saturday Dad entered another fishing tournament with Jenna and ... they WON! Jenna actually caught the big'uns but it was a team sport so Dad was good at picking a fishing buddy. Mom and I hung around the house for a little bit then went to the Freestone Bakery, ate bread and walked around their nice garden where I snacked on some raspberries. We moseyed around Sebastopol and picked up a few winter clothes for me. That evening we ate dinner at the Bodega Fireman's Polenta and Beef stew event. We saw lots of people from town, and I ate a ton! It was yummy.

Today, I got some pictures taken in my Halloween costume, then we met up with Matt, Cascade and Caden to pick pumpkins for the season. We had a blast. We started out with a really nice hay ride through the pumpkin patch, then checked out all of the fancy gourds and other squash they had out. There was a dark and scary hay maze that we got a little stuck in but Matt lead us all to safety.

I really loved the pumpkins though. Caden and I had fun picking out our favorites and sorting through the hay.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The ZOO!

This weekend, while Dad was in Colorado for a meeting, Mommy, Scooter and I went to Fresno to hang with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom. It was an okay drive out to Fresno, I didn't particularly enjoy the sun in my eyes for a bit of the drive near Los Banos, but otherwise, it was uneventful. Saturday, Mom got some work done in the morning and early afternoon while I played with Grandma and Grandpa and showed them how I can clap now. Later, we went to the Fresno Zoo, which I really enjoyed! We went to a great Bird Show where I could follow the birds fly all around our heads, the birds could do some pretty cool tricks as well! My absolute favorite were the Giraffes which I thought were really crazy! All in all a great afternoon.
We spent the evenings at the McGann's house where we had dinner with lots of family friends (Kris & Peter McGann and Jim & Nancy VanVolkinburg). I ate lots of great chicken and cruised all around the living room.
Sunday, we had a nice breakfast then Great-Grandpa Jerry and Great-Grandma Mary came over for lunch with us! I always love seeing them. On our way home we stopped by G'Auntie Geralyne and G'Uncle Mark's house and also got to visit with Erin, Adrianne, Toni and Mike. The grown-ups enjoyed some yummy pasteries and I enjoyed tearing apart their National Geographic Magazine.

When we arrived home, Mommy ran inside to get a message from Randall that their baby boy James was born Sunday evening. We visited the happy family today, Randall and David look fantastic and James is the most adorable and sweet baby... he only cried after my mom held him, but otherwise was awake and looking all around. Here are some of James' first published pictures!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pulling myself up!

My newest accomplishment.... I can now pull myself up to standing. Further, I also am sitting down with relative ease after I get tired (compared to the crashing to the ground method I initially tried). I am quite proud of myself. This means I can now pull things off of our couch and futon, including just folded laundry and Mommy's papers.

This week we hung out a lot with our friends! Tuesday we had Pizza with Matt, Cascade, Caden, David and Randall. Caden and I had lots of fun "chatting" and I showed him my cool toys, including my blocks (which I love!).

Wednesday we had a nice Grosholz lab dinner at Christy's. Thursday night I hung out with Suzanne and Keith because Mom and Dad had to go out for a fancy dinner. They were celebrating how they have been married for four years. I can't even imagine how long that really is. Friday Mom and I walked into Sebastopol with Cas. and Caden... enjoyed some cookies and a really nice day. Saturday was Won Ton Day! Randall and David came over and helped us fold and eat won tons in the evening.

I went into SF on Sunday and Mom and Dad did some furniture shopping, I mostly just hung out with them and tried to flirt with all of the other customers. I found a totoro doll pretty amusing, and really enjoyed lunch at Mifune where I sampled nearly everything. Mmmm wakame. I also eat very nicely off of chopsticks, they prove a little bit neater than the spoon.