Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to Fresno

We headed back to Fresno this weekend... lots of people to play with! We arrived after an uneventful drive Friday afternoon. Before we left, I got to play with some chimes... I'm quite proficient.

Saturday, we met up with Mom's dear friend Becky and her brand-new fiance Casey. The happy couple will wed just before Christmas and man... they're such a sweet couple, and I had fun playing with Becky at the La Boulangerie while the adults caught-up and ate pasteries.

A little later that evening Uncle Ryan and his pup Remy came from Las Vegas. I love hanging out with Uncle Ryan. He's tons of fun. We also had a fantastic dinner with Auntie Donna, Uncle John, Jenna and Dorthy and Hiro Mayeda. Grandma and Grandpa made a fantastic feast and I got lots of attention.

After a very very rough night Saturday, I definitely have an upper tooth on it's way in, we woke up a little late. We headed to see Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry in Tulare. They have a fantastic living room with lots of room for me to practice my crawling. G'Uncle Steve, G'Auntie Jun and Eric met us for lunch. I had some yummy meatballs and lots of good company.

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