Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall is here!

The weather has taken on a chill, the leaves are turning color and we went looking for pumpkins today!

This week was a fun one for us... we got to hang out with baby James a few times this week, including this Friday at Gourmet au Bay. He's so tiny and so cute! He's mostly bundled up, so can't really be seen in this picture (on David's lap).

Saturday Dad entered another fishing tournament with Jenna and ... they WON! Jenna actually caught the big'uns but it was a team sport so Dad was good at picking a fishing buddy. Mom and I hung around the house for a little bit then went to the Freestone Bakery, ate bread and walked around their nice garden where I snacked on some raspberries. We moseyed around Sebastopol and picked up a few winter clothes for me. That evening we ate dinner at the Bodega Fireman's Polenta and Beef stew event. We saw lots of people from town, and I ate a ton! It was yummy.

Today, I got some pictures taken in my Halloween costume, then we met up with Matt, Cascade and Caden to pick pumpkins for the season. We had a blast. We started out with a really nice hay ride through the pumpkin patch, then checked out all of the fancy gourds and other squash they had out. There was a dark and scary hay maze that we got a little stuck in but Matt lead us all to safety.

I really loved the pumpkins though. Caden and I had fun picking out our favorites and sorting through the hay.

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