Monday, October 02, 2006

Pulling myself up!

My newest accomplishment.... I can now pull myself up to standing. Further, I also am sitting down with relative ease after I get tired (compared to the crashing to the ground method I initially tried). I am quite proud of myself. This means I can now pull things off of our couch and futon, including just folded laundry and Mommy's papers.

This week we hung out a lot with our friends! Tuesday we had Pizza with Matt, Cascade, Caden, David and Randall. Caden and I had lots of fun "chatting" and I showed him my cool toys, including my blocks (which I love!).

Wednesday we had a nice Grosholz lab dinner at Christy's. Thursday night I hung out with Suzanne and Keith because Mom and Dad had to go out for a fancy dinner. They were celebrating how they have been married for four years. I can't even imagine how long that really is. Friday Mom and I walked into Sebastopol with Cas. and Caden... enjoyed some cookies and a really nice day. Saturday was Won Ton Day! Randall and David came over and helped us fold and eat won tons in the evening.

I went into SF on Sunday and Mom and Dad did some furniture shopping, I mostly just hung out with them and tried to flirt with all of the other customers. I found a totoro doll pretty amusing, and really enjoyed lunch at Mifune where I sampled nearly everything. Mmmm wakame. I also eat very nicely off of chopsticks, they prove a little bit neater than the spoon.

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