Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

Tuesday, James and his folks (Randall and David) came over for some nice pumpkin curry that Dad made. He was such a good baby... Dad and David practiced swaddling and did a very nice job.

On Friday, there was an art show at Gourmet Au Bay to benefit Pastures preschool. We checked out and purchased some art created by the 2-4 year olds. They were really quite good! After I got a little tired of watching the grown-ups drink wine, we headed downstairs to visit with James and family. His grandparents were in town so we hung with them for the evening and enjoyed some nice chicken pie that Mrs. Hughes made (I loved it!). The weather this week has been amazingly nice... sunny, warm, our Sonoma autumn. Saturday was pretty mellow, just ran some errands and played with Mom while Dad went abalone diving with Naoaki. Sunday, we went for a walk... I walked Scooter for some of the way, actually was loathe to give up the leash, but there were lots of people around so I passed him off to Mom.

Afterwards, we went to Grady, Steve and Tammi's house for a pumpkin carving contest. Actually we started with lunch at the Valley Ford Hotel. I think they redid it recently; the back deck was really nice and the pulled pork sandwich was yum. We got to spend the afternoon with lots of nice people... Grady was particularly nice to me. It was a beautiful day and pumpkin carving was lots of fun. Everyone did a fantastic job... there were some really cool designs. Mom won first place... well, okay, it was by drawing rather than skill (the rest were much fancier), but still fun!

In other Owen news....I'm crawling now! Really crawling, no more of this "wounded soldier" scooting along these days, crawling is much faster.

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