Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Giggles

My dad is the craziest. I can't explain it, but sometimes I can't help but laugh when I see him.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it's been a big week as I enter my first Holiday season... I got to spend a few evenings with James' family, including his grandfolk. In fact, they helped Mom and Dad kick off crab season with a feast of Chili crab. On Wednesday Daddy went crabing with his friend Lief and Lief's dad...They each brought home 10 crabs... so we were set to feast on Thanksgiving! Afterwards, we headed to Fresno to hang with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom. The drive went smoothly. Thursday was my first Thanksgiving... and it was fantastic. We went to Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry's house for a feast with the lots of my aunties, uncles and cousins. I enjoyed the turkey the most, but also thought mom's first attempt at Randall's corn stuff was good as well as some of that pumpkin pie Daddy shared with me.

Our next big meal of the day was the crab and some langoustinos that Uncle Geary brought. I didn't partake in the shellfish just yet, but managed to eat plenty of the left-overs. It was so fun to see my Great-Grandparents, my Auntie Geralyne, Uncle Mark and Cousins Adrianne, Erin, Toni and Mike as well as my Great Uncles Steve, Andy and Geary. I even got to spend a little bit of time with Great Auntie Jun, Eric and Sarah. It was lots of fun, and I got tons of attention and food mmm...

Friday, we started a new family tradition in honor of my Great-Grandma Jean. She used to send the Norwegian cookie, Krumkake, around the holidays. We got a recipe from her sister, my Great-great Aunt Harriet and Grandma found an iron so Mom, Uncle Ry and Grandpa set to making them Friday morning. They tasted pretty authentic and tasty to me! It was my first cookie, may as well make it a good one! Afterwards, Grandma and Mommy faced black Friday at the mall, they said it wasn't too bad, no lines in the stores they went into.

Saturday, was a rough start... I visited Santa... now this should have been a fairly exciting time for me, but I was a little tired and barely stopped crying long enough for them to snap a picture, and really couldn't tell Santa what a good boy I had been all year. Mom ran into Ky and his wife, a friend from college who lives in LV... who would have figured on running into them in Fresno? Afterwards, I took a quick nap, Mom went to Becky's wedding shower, and Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and I went to play at the park. I had a great time on the swings and the slides. Later that evening I got to enjoy Tapas with everyone... my favorite was some yam empanadas and some coconut lime pork. Grandma and Grandpa babysat while Mom and Dad went to see Casino Royale. I only gave them a little bit of a hard time, but they fed me lots and lots, so eventually I settled down for a good sleep.

Headed home (with Scooter:) today... it was a long drive, but I slept most of the way. As a progress report... I got two more teeth this weekend. A new top tooth and a bottom lateral. Grandpa gave me a quick check-up... he put on his funny glasses that make his eyes huge... the picture below shows what he saw. I am getting better at eating with a spoon, especially if Mommy puts the food in the spoon for me. The shovel motion to the mouth is now accompanied by a big Yum! and a proud grin. I also can play a little catch. I'm really good at throwing and only sort-of get the idea of catching, but I try and do really well with a little bit of help.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend at home... kinda

This is my punk look.... I've decided to try and work some new hair styles, this is my favorite.
This week, my old aussie friend Kate came for a visit. We had a great time, and bonded over trying to learn cool terms like "g'day" and "tucker". She was great at keeping me happy while mom and dad ran around trying to get things done. Plus she's a fantastic chef and fed everyone very well. Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went into the City and I tried a little dim sum. I liked it pretty well, but really liked the hub-bub in the restaurant. Afterwards, we shopped Union Square and a few other places. I was pretty happy for the trip. We finished up the fun outing with a trip to my Great Aunt Gigi and Uncle Dudley's house for dinner and most of the Cal-USC game. I had a great time there where I finally got to crawl around after being cooped up in my stroller for most of the day.

Sunday, Mom and I went to Spring Lake to play in the park and go for a walk. Mom thought I would enjoy the equipment more, but the main attraction for me was all of the kids running around and playing. We enjoyed a great dinner with James, his Grandparents and his folks. Dad went crabbing and was pretty successful so we had chili crab, pumpkin soup and Randall's famous corn stuff. It was really nice to visit with them, though I kept distracting Mom and Dad from dinner... until I crashed after a busy day.
Okay, so I'm totally still leaning against the couch in this picture, but you can see how close I am to independence and... speed...

Monday, November 13, 2006

My first scientific meeting in Seattle

This weekend, Mom, Dad and I flew up to Seattle to attend the Western Society of Naturalists conference. On the way up on Thursday, Mom realized that a my front top tooth has finally busted through. Thank goodness, I've been working on that one for a while. The flight up was fine, I got to play with another 10 month old little girl. Seattle is a little rainy, but my folks seemed to have a good time. We stayed with Cathy, Osama and Mazen. Mazen is a pretty cool little guy. He's just about 5 months so I tried hard to show him how to play with cars, balls and to crawl all over the place. I think it's very important to show these new babies how best to find all of the cords and electronics in their homes. We got to spend a few nice dinners with Cathy, Osama and Mazen when Mom and Dad didn't have commitments at the meeting, so that was super nice, they have a great house and neighborhood that we got to enjoy.

At the meeting, I mostly got to hang out in the adjacent mall or in our friend's hotel room where I explored everyone's luggage and played "fort" in the hotel pillows. A huge thank you to Suzanne, Kristen, Kyle and Jarrett for letting me play in their room during the day. Especially to Suzanne who watched me during my folks' talks on Sunday.

I also got to meet up with my buds from way back... Gabe and Gavin. We played a little bit on Friday, but we soon realized that we have alternating sleeping schedules which pretty much ensured that at least one of us was taking a nap at any given time of the day. Still it was great to see them, they are so cool! I tried to match them as much as possible.

The trip home was... uh... bumpy, and I was perfecting my skill of finally falling asleep just as we land. Since they wouldn't hold the plane up from it's final destination to Palm Springs so I could finish my nap, I had to be woken up... and we finally made our way home sweet home. It's nice to come home, though it's not quite the same with out my Scooter dog who is visiting my grandparents until Thanksgiving. I miss him!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A midweek update

Here's a little video from my trip to the park. Well... I'm 10 months old now... nearly a year! Where does the time go. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, so I thought I'd report my current statistics. My head is 18 3/4 inches around, I'm 28 3/4 inches tall and weigh in at 19lbs 6oz. No shots this visit, though I'll probably head in for a flu shot soon. Dr. Cunningham says I'm perfect!

I also wanted to share that my Great-Grandma Mary came up with my Chinese name. It's pronounced tai ho num (Cantonese) or dai hao wen (Mandarin).
Jump to full record in Chinese character database for character 6234 Jump to full record in Chinese character database for character 6587

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A visit from family

Saturday we had lots of family visit... my Uncle Ryan, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and my Great-Grandpa Em. It was such a fun weekend and I love hanging out with family as much as I can. It was so great that Great-Grandpa Em was able to spend the weekend with me.

Grandma babysat me for a few hours while everyone else hit a few wineries near my house... Balletto and Marimar, go taste some wine and to enjoy the nice afternoon. Most of the weekend we played at home, watched the dogs being crazy and walked around town.
Great-Grandpa took us out for a yummy dinner across the street at Pignole... mostly I ate lots of Grandma and Mom's split pea soup. Sunday we had a nice breakfast at Howards. Great-Auntie Gigi and Great-Uncle Dudley came by for a short visit before everyone took off for home. I almost immediately crashed to take a good nap... they wore me out but I loved all of the love and attention from everyone... I feel like such a lucky kiddo!

This week I have discovered how wonderful spoons are... I especially love this old wooden spoon. I can use it to bat my toys and food around... it's like an extension of my arm. I also can play a little "catch" with my ball. In fact I played for a little bit with my Great-Grandpa! He's pretty good.

After a little recovery nap, we went into Sebastopol and met up with Cascade and Caden to go for a walk and to play on some swings. It was a fun way to finish up the weekend.

On the 2nd (Nov) I got a new second cousin! My (first once removed) Cousins Derek and Debbie just gave birth to a little boy. I can't wait to meet him! We borrowed this picture from his website (