Monday, November 13, 2006

My first scientific meeting in Seattle

This weekend, Mom, Dad and I flew up to Seattle to attend the Western Society of Naturalists conference. On the way up on Thursday, Mom realized that a my front top tooth has finally busted through. Thank goodness, I've been working on that one for a while. The flight up was fine, I got to play with another 10 month old little girl. Seattle is a little rainy, but my folks seemed to have a good time. We stayed with Cathy, Osama and Mazen. Mazen is a pretty cool little guy. He's just about 5 months so I tried hard to show him how to play with cars, balls and to crawl all over the place. I think it's very important to show these new babies how best to find all of the cords and electronics in their homes. We got to spend a few nice dinners with Cathy, Osama and Mazen when Mom and Dad didn't have commitments at the meeting, so that was super nice, they have a great house and neighborhood that we got to enjoy.

At the meeting, I mostly got to hang out in the adjacent mall or in our friend's hotel room where I explored everyone's luggage and played "fort" in the hotel pillows. A huge thank you to Suzanne, Kristen, Kyle and Jarrett for letting me play in their room during the day. Especially to Suzanne who watched me during my folks' talks on Sunday.

I also got to meet up with my buds from way back... Gabe and Gavin. We played a little bit on Friday, but we soon realized that we have alternating sleeping schedules which pretty much ensured that at least one of us was taking a nap at any given time of the day. Still it was great to see them, they are so cool! I tried to match them as much as possible.

The trip home was... uh... bumpy, and I was perfecting my skill of finally falling asleep just as we land. Since they wouldn't hold the plane up from it's final destination to Palm Springs so I could finish my nap, I had to be woken up... and we finally made our way home sweet home. It's nice to come home, though it's not quite the same with out my Scooter dog who is visiting my grandparents until Thanksgiving. I miss him!

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