Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend at home... kinda

This is my punk look.... I've decided to try and work some new hair styles, this is my favorite.
This week, my old aussie friend Kate came for a visit. We had a great time, and bonded over trying to learn cool terms like "g'day" and "tucker". She was great at keeping me happy while mom and dad ran around trying to get things done. Plus she's a fantastic chef and fed everyone very well. Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went into the City and I tried a little dim sum. I liked it pretty well, but really liked the hub-bub in the restaurant. Afterwards, we shopped Union Square and a few other places. I was pretty happy for the trip. We finished up the fun outing with a trip to my Great Aunt Gigi and Uncle Dudley's house for dinner and most of the Cal-USC game. I had a great time there where I finally got to crawl around after being cooped up in my stroller for most of the day.

Sunday, Mom and I went to Spring Lake to play in the park and go for a walk. Mom thought I would enjoy the equipment more, but the main attraction for me was all of the kids running around and playing. We enjoyed a great dinner with James, his Grandparents and his folks. Dad went crabbing and was pretty successful so we had chili crab, pumpkin soup and Randall's famous corn stuff. It was really nice to visit with them, though I kept distracting Mom and Dad from dinner... until I crashed after a busy day.
Okay, so I'm totally still leaning against the couch in this picture, but you can see how close I am to independence and... speed...

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