Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Rocks!

Finally... a (wee) Smile for Santa! I guess if Cat thinks the big-guy is okay, he must be okay.

Wait, what was my title for this post... oh yeah... Christmas ROCKS! I think I can really get used to non-stop festivities, family and friends all around and presents! There has been so much happening to help me celebrate my very best Christmas yet! Last week, we enjoyed another fun pizza dinner with Caden and Co., where we showed off our Christmas tree and had a lovely evening together. On Thursday, we had the lab Christmas Party. Santa showed up there for a little bit and gave me a candy cane. He still seemed a little scary to me. On the other hand, there were lots of fun people to play with and some singing, which I loved... especially the drinking song... yay Milk!
Saturday early morning, we headed to Fresno to spend time with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry. Uncle Ry hung out with me that evening while Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma went to our friends' Becky and KC's wedding. They said it was beautiful! Uncle Ry and I had a blast. We ate, I had a messy diaper (oops!), and played lots. It was so much fun, that I didn't want to go to sleep until WAY after my bed time (this became a theme for the weekend). Oh, in addition to staying up late, I now have both my upper laterals... bringing my toothy total up to eight!

Sunday, was a busy busy day. We headed to Tulare to visit with my Great-Grandparents and to see Kaylee, and Cousin's Ann and Jason before they headed down to LA. Kaylee was a blast, we had a great time opening her Christmas Gifts and playing with the tissue paper. She kindly shared some of her toys and we had a great time together.
After returning from Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma's house... I decided to hold off as long as possible on my nap. I manged to finally fall asleep just before we were due at the Mochizuki's house. Everyone but Dad and I went ahead and enjoyed the Moch's company while I slept a little longer. I joined them later for an hour of fun in their beautiful new living room and awesome huge ottoman. We went directly from the Moch's to Auntie Donna, Uncle John, and Jenna's house for some Christmas Eve Cheer. Auntie Donna and Co. spoils me so much! For Christmas, she got me a beautiful rocking horse. It's huge (well, to me) and soft and lots of fun! It will definitely be keeping me busy.

So in addition to trying really hard to be my friend, guess what else Santa does... he visits your house and leaves toys! What a guy... it makes me feel bad about being so anxious around him. I got all sorts of great clothes, toys and help with my college fund this year. I love the first two, and will certainly greatly appreciate the latter as I get older. Christmas morning, I slept in a little bit, but certainly won't make that mistake again. There were so many great things to play with including an Arc with all sorts of animals, a new car, tons of great toys that make all sorts of noises and have all sorts of great colors and beautiful books. In addition to the fun toys I received, I got to play with some nice spoons and spatulas that Dad and Uncle Ry got in their stockings, as well as all of the beautiful wrapping paper and boxes!

For breakfast we enjoyed the family's traditional Norwegian Pancakes with baked apples (mmmm, so good, I ate one myself!).
It was a nice morning of hanging out at the grandfolks' house, playing with my toys, getting dressed in my new cloths and most fun of all, talking with Grandma and Grandpa Steves and Auntie Tami and Uncle Eddie on the new webcam. It was fun to see them Christmas morning, though I'll have to get used to the whole system to make it a little more fun.

After a little more prep, we headed back to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's house in Tulare to continue the Christmas fun... which meant more presents, more paper, playing with Cousin Age's phone, sitting on Great-Grandma's lap and playing horsey with Great-Grandpa.

I got to play dance-dance revolution and watch all of my aunties and cousins play too. Frankly, nobody with the exception of Cousin Brittany was too good, though I think everyone had lots of fun! We had clams and mussels for lunch (mom was in heaven!) and tamales that everyone chipped in to make for dinner. I ate almost a whole chicken tamale all by myself... very tasty. We headed back home just in time for a reasonable bed time for me, and man was I tuckered out!

We took Tuesday a little easier... The morning was saved for breakfast with Mommy's friends Jeff and Diane, Becky and KC and Susan and Nolan! Nolan was great at helping keep me entertained... though I was getting so much attention, I stayed very happy during their leisurely brunch. I also got good news that a new playmate is on the way! I can't wait to meet baby Haddock this summer!
We spent the afternoon relaxing and playing at the Grandfolks' house and with all of my new toys. I LOVE sitting inside of the ark, it's a little like being in a box, which is also possibly the coolest thing ever.
We headed home Wednesday morning... a pretty easy ride this time around. We made a stop at Auntie Gigi and Uncle Dudley's house so we could visit a little bit and I could crawl around and stretch my legs. When we finally got home, the power was out. We tried to dally a little bit by going to East-West to eat and get some groceries, but I still had to get my bath in the dark. Of course the lights came back on as soon as I went to bed. Figures. It was a nice quiet evening though.

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. My folks, my pup and I wish all of you lots of love and happiness in this new year.

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