Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I think I'm ready for my own Bodega Marine Lab cap.... on the smallest setting, it fits!

This past Tuesday, our usual and much anticipated pizza dinner with Davis, Randall and James was augmented by Keith and Suzanne joining us! James seemed like he was having a nice time and showed off with a few smiles and kicks. Keith was so silly and made me laugh by trying to eat my toes. Goofy guy, doesn't he know that toes are only for my own eating?
On Friday we had a fantastic dinner with Mommy's lab at Suzanne and Keith's house. I love going over there 'cause their dog Gauge is so crazy that he just makes me laugh (Something about that family...)! We had a great time visiting with everyone... my first Christmas Party... Jay came out and everyone from Bodega was able to be there. Plus there were "lots " (= 3) kids there!
In spite of the picture... Caden and I were having a nice time. He was being super nice and sharing his toys with me ... my folks failed to bring entertainment... thank goodness for Caden. Saturday, Mom and Dad finished up their Christmas shopping and I tagged along. I have a small cold, which means my nose is running and I just can't sleep too well. It's a bummer, Saturday night was rough. I was in a good mood on Sunday, so as soon as the rain cleared up, we all headed to Sebastopol to pick out a tree for my first Christmas. It was pretty exciting. Dad chopped it down and when we got home, they decorated it and it's looking pretty cool.... lots of shiny ornaments and lights... I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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