Sunday, January 07, 2007


Yep... One year old! This has been such a fun year... full of firsts (first rolling over, first shot at all of the holidays, first crawling, first food, first smile, first laugh ....), family, friends and fun! I've traveled to visit about everyone in the family this year... New York, Michigan, and Fresno. Most impressively I've changed from a tiny bundle into a crawling, babbling, laughing machine!


To help me conclude my first year, we had cupcakes at daycare! It was super nice to be able to celebrate with my friends at small wonders. I tried to share my cupcake with Abell after I licked off the frosting, but he didn't seem too interested. It was fun, I got to sit with the big kids and we all had a nice snack. (the camera phone pics can't capture the extreme cuteness of the moment, but you get the idea... kids, cupcakes fun)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we had a Pizza Party at the Union here in Occidental.
They put us in the spacious bocce ball room and we had lots of people there to help me celebrate! I also got to talk to Great-Grandpa Em on the phone and Grandma and Grandpa Steves on the webcam! Let's see if I can list all of the super great people who helped me party on my first birthday: Mom, Dad, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, G'Auntie Geralyne, G'Uncle Mark, G'Uncle Dudley, Cousins Erin, Adrianne, Jason, Ann, and cutie Kaylee, Christy, Sean, Kirsten, Mark, Randall, David, tiny James, Keith, Suzanne, Cascade, Matt, young Caden, Jim, Jess, Naoaki! A full house! We had pizza and a carrot cake that Mom made for me.
Man I love that frosting. While everyone sang to me, I couldn't help but sneak a few finger fulls from the edge of the cake, though I didn't dig in whole hog until I got a cupcake of my own. YUM!
I think folks had a good time... all of the kiddos were super great, once we were settled in, no one wimpered too much until it was time to go home. After the Party, we opened some presents with Auntie Geralyne, Uncle Mark Adrianne and Erin and shortly after that ... I crashed! I took a mini nap, then just hung out at home for the reset of the evening listening to stories and playing with all of my fun new toys! I did have to take a serious bath though to get all of the frosting out of my hair. Kaylee lent me her old tub and I loved it!

Sunday, the Grandfolk, folks and myself went to get my 1 year old picture taken, then we just ran around town running errands while I mostly slept. I'm in the process of wearing Daddy and Mommy out playing with all of my fun new toys. They are even better than the pots and pans that I've been playing with, though I still love those too. OH... I'm almost standing, I have had a few moments where I've stood all by myself, I know I've said it before but I am really... sooooo close.

Well, I'm excited about year 2... I am expecting great things!

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