Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007... Here I come!

Well, I've had an awesome year, and I hope you have as well! My folks think it went by way too fast. Some of my New Year's resolutions include... (1) get this walking thing down (2) work on my sippy cup skills (3) expand my vocabulary.
The past week or two some of my "problem solving" skills (as called by Marcy the public health nurse who visited us recently) have blossomed. Just today, I found the pots and pans in the kitchen and unloaded most of them by myself. I also have started pretending a lot... I pretend I am Scooter, by trying to sleep in his bed, rolling on my back and chewing his toys (Yuck!), I cook, I pretend I'm on the phone a lot, and I like to pretend that I am eating... even when I'm really eating if that makes sense (I take a real bite, then a pretend bite). I love to share (which was considered v. advanced for my age!). Although I really excel at dumping things out... I also enjoy putting things back or into containers.
Friday, we enjoyed a great dinner with Pamela who was visiting from NC, Suzanne and Keith... we ate Huraches, I love 'em! Plus I had a great time playing with everyone. Since it's been a quieter week, I look foreward to all of the visitors!
Yesterday, I figured out how to climb onto the futon and how to lower myself off of the futon feet first... previously everything had been heads first, which leads to some problems, this feet first business could work.
Since Daddy had this week off, I got to hang out more with him while Mom worked some. We went on a walk and played a lot around the house. This weekend we all went on a nice walk at Spring Lake and I also got to play in the playground some. I love the slide, and the concrete cows and saddle that were there.
Although we had a quiet New Year's Eve... we did enjoy a New Year Day brunch with David, Randall and James. Everyone ate lots... I loved Randall's pumpkin bread. What a sweet way to begin the new year.

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