Sunday, January 21, 2007

A visit from Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie

It's been pretty cold this week, so I've spent a lot of time playing with all of my new toys... and am having a lot of fun! I'm getting good at "fixing" things with my hammer and driving all around in my truck. I also kept asking to put the froggy bib on a few days ago... it's the only bib I like.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I went to see Dr. Cunningham last week and he proclaimed me to be a lollypop... as I am apparantly relatively slender (just over 20 lbs) am pretty average in height (30 inches) and have a huge head (19 inches)... and very cute to boot (no measure). I got a couple more shots (will they never stop poking me?) and declared to be in perfect condition.

Saturday, Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie came into town to visit us. It is really nice to see them, and to play with them. We met them for Dim Sum in SF... then went for a good walk into North Beach. I got to hit two parks, St. Mary's and another one in NB. They had tons of fun equipment for me to play on. Mom and Aunt Tami enjoyed picking up a few things around China Town (including this awesome tiger hat that I actually think is fun to wear!) and Dad got to (finally) visit a Scotch shop he'd been eyeing.

On the way home, we stopped at the vista point for a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge.
Sunday, we started the day with a big breakfast at Howard's, but unfortunately Uncle Eddie started to feel sick. He's been laid up for the day, and we hope he feels better soon (it's so lousy to be sick on vacation). Mom was at work, so Dad and Aunt Tami took me to Doran Beach where I could play in the sand, and they could bury my feet.

I liked to feel the sand in my toes.

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