Sunday, February 11, 2007

Attack of the 50-foot Toddler!!!

Watch out! Here I come!!! I think this much walking around tags me officially as a toddler. Bye Bye baby-hood.Walking is lots and lots of fun. I just can't get enough!
Well, it finally stopped raining for a bit. Thank goodness 'cause we went into SF to visit with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and a bunch of family friends... the VanVolkinburgs and the McGanns and we wanted to walk around! It was a beautiful day, and was fun to see them for breakfast. I got to walk around a lot at the restaurant.
Afterwards, Mom, Dad and I walked to China town and through a big flower festival. Not nearly as many flowers as you would expect, but it was still pretty cool to cruise through the sea of humanity.
The folks shopped and ate lunch while I napped. A great day outside. The weather was perfect, my folks got some shopping done, and I got to play in the park with lots of other kids.
Friday, we met with Caden and Cascade for some Mexican food. Cascade made some yummy cookies that we had for dessert at their house. I was pretty tired from a long day of running around, so didn't make it quite to my normal bedtime before insisting that I had to get to bed.
Saturday, Daddy made some chili crab to share with Jim, Jess and Jenna of the farmhouse gang. Jim and Jess were great company and kept me busy reading and playing with my shape matching box while Dad cooked.
All in all it's been a really nice weekend in spite of the rain, which kept us inside all week... thank goodness for sunny Sundays and visits with friends.

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