Sunday, February 04, 2007


I've been working on my walking... it's kind-of a on again off again sort of situation right now, but when I do get going, I'm so pleased.,.. especially if it helps me chase after Scooter.
After a pretty mellow week / weekend we went to the farmhouse to watch the Superbowl. In addition to fun people to play with there was lots of good chow... I ate lots of fish! I was kinda rooting for the bears, just 'cause Mom was born in the area. Oh well, we didn't really follow football anyhow.
However, I can't wait for March Madness right around the corner. I think I'm shaping up to be more of a basket-ball sort of kid.... I love basket-balls. Uncle Ry gave me a plush one that I really like, though the real thing is a lot more work to chase around.

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