Sunday, February 25, 2007

Time with Grandma Terri

Monday was Presidents' Day, so Daddy and I got to spend some quality time together since we both had the day off. It rained or was pretty yucky all week so I had to spend a lot of time inside. Dad left for work in Maryland Tuesday - Friday, so it was Mommy and me for a day or so then Grandma Terri came to help us out! Tuesday, James, Randall and David kept us company with Pizza. Wednesday, Grandma picked me up from daycare and alas I had a fever. Such a bummer, for most of her visit I was pretty miserable. Mom did get out while I hung with Grandma on Wednesday to celebrate Cascade's birthday. In spite of Grandma's ministrations my fever wouldn't go away, so we visited the Doctor's office and I was diagnosed with an ear infection. Man those hurt. Made me pretty grumpy for the next few days and I turned into quite the mama's boy. After starting the antibiotics, I started feeling better and would do some walking and playing around the house lots more. So... a big THANK YOU to grandma for taking such good care of me and Mom this week. Daddy got home this weekend. His first night home I was trouble... since I still wasn't feeling so well, I wanted to make sure he knew all about it. In the end, Mom and I slept on the recliner for most of the night. He helped Mommy with some formatting for her dissertation on Saturday, and on Sunday, after a much better night sleep, we finally got out of the house. We visited Great-Auntie Gigi, Great-Uncle Dudley, Cousins Jason, Ann and Kaylee. Had a fantastic lunch... it was so nice to see them, it had been a while. Lunch was great Chinese food for Chinese New Year (happy year of the Pig). I had tons of fun playing in G'Auntie Gigi's kitchen and with all of her toys. Kaylee was super great and was showing me all sorts of tricks on her toys. We finished up the evening watching some of the Academy Awards with Suzanne and Keith. We brought Scooter to maximize mayhem at their house. Plus Caden, Matt and Cascade showed up as well, so I got a playmate close to my age. We discussed the dresses and all of the movies we haven't seen. Though we had to get home for my bath before the announcement, The Departed won best picture (Grandpa Tom really liked it too), Helen Mirren won best actress for The Queen and Forest Whitaker won Best Actor from Last King of Scotland, apparently some sort of royalty theme... all movies we haven't seen (yet).

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