Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kids Kids Kids

That's right... triple dose of kids this week plus lots of fun. It was our friend Jenna's sushi birthday celebration Monday, so we helped them make U & I sushi regret having an all you can eat night. I mostly enjoyed jar food and the chopsticks, but the adults left stuffed silly.
On Tuesday, we had a great pizza night with my buds James and Caden and their folks. It's fun to get all together, and the grown-ups sure do like their pizza. I like the crust. Dad finally cut the lawn so I have been spending a lot of time in our back yard enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thursday was a pretty cool day for me. After daycare, we went to the Bodega Goat Farm to see some more kids. James, Randall and David joined us. The baby goats were all born over the last three weeks or so and were so cute and soft. The mama goats were also really sweet to me and wanted to sniff my head. I also met Daniel, this cool kid who showed us all the goats and brought a kid over for me to pet. I really loved all of the animals and running around the farm a little bit, but was totally tuckered out after the excursion.

Friday we met up with Great-Auntie Geralyne at the Union Restaurant here in town. She was on a golfing holiday with her girlfriends Anna and Corky. Dinner was great, I mostly ate lots of bread. Our waitress gave me a lump of pizza dough to play with, though I wasn't sure whether to eat it or play with it.

Dad and I hit Spring Lake again with James and Randall while Mom and David were at work on a beautiful Saturday. We had a nice walk and I sure do love running around in the play ground and grassy park. Daddy got a good picture of James working on sitting up. He's looking pretty steady these days.Today was extra special. We went to Great-Auntie Gigi and Great-Uncle Dudley's house to meet my new cousin... Clark Cheu who was born Wednesday. He is such a good and mellow baby. His dad claims he looks like and Asian Mr. MacGoo, but I just thought he made the best faces. I got to play with Kaylee a lot, which was super fun. We got Auntie Gigi's pots out and made some "bean soup", ran around the garden and ate a yummy dinner of Jai (vegetarian noodle dish), whisky chicken and pigs feet (it was great... really!).
It was fun to see my cousins and Jason, Ann, Ritz and Byron. Great-Aunt Geralyne and her pals I met a few days ago also stopped by. We even got some awake time with Clark... and lucky us... a little smile! There was another baby born at the lab this week, though we haven't met yet... Cormac Vincent Gaylord also is joining the lab crew. Welcome to the great wide world Clark and Cormic. I look forward to spending lots of time playing with you! Pshew, when you write it all down, I sure had a fun and busy week! I am a pretty lucky kid to have such good friends and family to visit with.

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