Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moving Forward

Workin' in the field with Mommy.

We've had a relatively quiet week. Spent Thursday evening with Cascade and Caden who joined us for dinner, and we got to see them again at Wildflour Bread on Friday. Caden and I played with the register and had a nice walk in the garden. This is a picture with my friend Suzanne (actually, this is from today... we go there a lot), moments before I burst into tears 'cause I had a short nap and lots of running around. Typically though, Suzanne is one of my best pals.... she gives me bread, gives me backstage tours of the bakery, and lets me help ring customers up. Saturday, Dad and I helped Mom collect crabs from Bodega Harbor. I had lots of fun, and caught one or two shore crabs all by myself, and even held them a while before setting them free.
Afterwards, we headed out to Sebastopol to run some errands and meet up with Cas. and Caden at the park near their house. We had fun playing on the swings and enjoying the nice day.
Sunday, Dad went fishing so Mom and I went into Santa Rosa to make our periodic Trader Joe's and Target stop. To make up for running errands all morning, we had a nice picnic lunch at Howarth park (previously referred to as Spring Lake... they're connected) followed by lots of play time. Mostly I ran around watching all of the other kids. I am constantly on the move these days. It's for the benefit of my folks... I want to make sure they sleep well at night.
As far as milestones go, this afternoon after my meltdown at the bakery, I refused for the third time this weekend to get into my car seat. I pleaded with Mom and Dad... Please please turn me around so I can ride like every one else. At last they relented and now I get to face forward! In spite of the recent tantrum, I had the most pleasant trip home. I know mom was thinking that if she had only known, she would have turned it around earlier.
When we got home, we called my Grandparents to say...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA TOM! We had a fun video conference this evening, he and Grandma Terri are going to barbeque some fish tonight. I played with the crayons Mom got me today... my first box ever, they were so beautiful I had to nibble the tips off of the blue and pink.

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