Sunday, March 11, 2007

My new do.

Yeah baby!
Look closely, can you see the difference?
I have sheared my shaggy locks in favor of this sleeker look (plus no more wisps in my eye or tangles in the back). Mom and Dad took me to the barber shop this weekend, and it was a very interesting process.
First I sat on this board in the barber chair, then (as Mom hovered so I wouldn't decide to hop off) I sat really pretty still for the whole cut, with the exception of when she pulled out the trimmers, I kept turning to see what that noise buzzing by my ears was. Munching on a cracker the whole time until it was hopelessly covered in hair helped keep me busy too.
Looks pretty good eh?

Well, Friday night we hung out a little with David, Randall and James at their new home in Sebastopol. It's looking really nice, plus it's close to all sorts of great places to walk. Saturday was a busy'un. We went to Spring Lake, where I did lots of walking around in the grass and played on some of the play equipment, but it was really pretty busy.
Mom, Dad and Scooter took me for a walk (poor Scooter is out of shape and was pretty winded after the first half, he's really more of a sprinter). On our way back, I got my haircut (at Lonnie's in Sebastopol... they even have the stripey pole out front). We dropped Scooter off at home, and I got a quick bath to get the hair off, and we met up with Caden, Cascade and Matt for a nice dinner at East West Cafe.
Sunday morning (after a late start with the time change), Mom and I walked around town a little bit. Then Dad and I took off for the beach near the farmhouse to give Mom a few hours to get some work done. We had a great time. I am talking up a storm these days, but the only discernable word that is consistent is "ball" or really something more like "Baw". I also have "dog" or "Daw" down pretty well too.
On the way home (well, we picked up Mom first), we stopped by my all time favorite bakery...Wildflour, where I got to show off my new hair-do and snack on some of the best bread ever. We walked around their garden for a bit, and headed home. My nap is WAY over due.

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