Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Showers!

Well, we headed back to Fresno this weekend for a quick visit and to help our dear friends Jeff and Diane Haddock celebrate their impending baby!!! Baby-boy Haddock won't be out and about until July but we wanted to shower them with love. We drove up Friday, had a relaxing evening with Grandma and Grandpa. Saturday morning Grandma found a tick in my leg... EW! It came out okay and we're keeping an eye on it. Saturday was the party, which was super fun. Diane, Jeff, Becky, Casey, Susan, Nolan all helped celebrate as well as everyone's parents (The Smiths, Chens (including Alan), Burkharts and of course my g'folk!). Brunch was some take-out dim-sum and cake ... mmmm cake. Mrs. Smith brought a bubble machine which Nolan and I loved to run in. Grandma Terri brought out a big box that we also had lots of fun in... I got to play in it all weekend. It's a great fort! I let even got Daddy, Grandpa Tom and Mommy (at different times) to join me. The adults got to help deck out the baby by decorating lots of onesies and with lots of fun baby gear and gifts.

After the celebration, we got to enjoy the rest of the sunny sunny afternoon. I helped Grandma and Grandpa in the garden.
Fresno is pretty hot, so I splashed in the spa for a while. It was a little cold to get all the way in the water, but I had fun splashing my feet and dropping things that made big kerplunks into the water. That night I played with Grandpa on their exercise ball, he would bang on it like a big drum and make me laugh sooo hard! We were pretty pooped by the end of the day... I slept really well, I think we all did! Sunday we ate breakfast and hit the road again... I slept most of the way so I was a little wired when we got home, and got to stay up late. I have been insisting on wearing the dinosaur boots Great-grandma Mary got me over my pajamas on most evenings. I love them and spend lots of time stomping around in them and pestering Scooter.
To update on my word list (if you can call strung together vowel sounds words... they mean something to me!) I have Baw (ball), Dow (dog), Aow (out), Uh (with enthusiasm... up), Eye (hi!).... yeah.. no "mama" or "dada" but my folks are pretty pleased... I also sign a wee little bit, In addition to food, more, done, bath which I have known for a while, I often can use please now too, and of course pointing with empathises. I am also good at hugging, giving and blowing kisses.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm all shook up!

Wait... is that... could it be the KING?? It's certainly the King, and that's me in the baby-pod trying to stay dry in the drizzle during fish fest.
Tuesday was baby central. The grown-ups dinner together has turned into more of a play-date... fine by me!!! I had a blast with James and Caden. We all played together and had a great time.
Friday, I got to visit the lab as folks got ready for Fish Fest. They had to get all of the decorations together for the festivities. I learned lots! Mostly I watched very carefully how everyone was filling up their glasses, then I picked up a cup of my own and tried my very best to get it to work... I could only get a drop, but worth the try. I wish I could say I had a blast at Fish Fest on Saturday, but it was cold and rainy so Mom hardly let me out of my stroller all day. I did well for most of it, but almost didn't make it to the race... The Race! This was indeed the highlight, and explains Dad's crazy outfits (Hail to the King!).
He and his pals with BMSA (Bodega Marine Sciences Association) made a boat in three hours then raced it against nine other boats! Dad was the paddler... look at him go!
We won the spiffy skiffy award and came in third place in the race.That night we had a great dinner with James, Randall, David and Alex at James' house. It was so nice to hang out with everyone. A really nice end to an otherwise damp day.
Sunday we got to see Uncle Dudley and Auntie Gigi for brunch. I love running around her garden and hearing about Uncle's trip to China. Daddy thinks I can add another word to my vocabulary list.... "Fish" which is more of a really harsh "shshshh" noise with a fair bit of spitting.
I also want to welcome Anna (or Ana) Sophia Talley to the big world. She was born Thursday night... can't wait to meet her!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strawberry season!

It's been another wonderful week. Although we have had a few rainy mornings the weather has been really nice... so lots of time outside! Plus we have been enjoying stawberry shortcakes with all of the great berries that are in season. We have also have shared some really nice meals with friends this week. Tuesday was our regular pizza dinner but in addition to James, Randall and David, we got to visit with Kristen who has been in Arizona this year, but out for a visit and with Jarrett! It was so nice to see these guys... it had been a long time! On Saturday, Mom and Dad's boss and all around nice guy Greg was visiting so Dad put together a Chili crab feast. The Hughes-Kimbro clan joined us. Super yum, we were all so busy eating that we forgot to take pictures... too bad because James and I were having a blast making each other laugh and playing together.
On Sunday we met up with cousins Kaylee, Clark, Ann and Jason to pick up some wine from William Selyem and Rochioli... two great vineyards out here. I think the grown ups thought they were great for the wine. Kaylee and I thought they were great for the nice outdoor space. We followed up some frolicking in the vineyard with a nice lunch at Willies in Healdsburg. Had a nice afternoon eating and walking around town until we were both way overdue for naps. Kaylee and I had fun running around, Clark snoozed almost the whole time... such a mellow dude!
I had an appointment with Dr. Cunningham again this Thursday. I took four shots and a finger prick with only about 15 seconds of screaming... I think this is about it for a while, only one more shot left, I can totally handle it. I now weigh 22 lbs, am 31.25" long and my head circumference is 19.5".

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Well, to back up a smidge, it was a pretty quiet week. Mommy had a lot of work this week, so was kept pretty busy, though we did get to enjoy pizza with James and his folks... I missed them, they went on a cool trip out east. We took a long weekend and I got to head to Fresno to see Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ryan.
It was so nice to see and play with them! I got to hunt for Easter eggs all weekend, and was pretty good at finding and opening them. I also played a lot with bubbles. I really have the blowing down, though need some help to actually make the bubbles.
We had two good diaper incidents this weekend. The first was when the grown-ups were playing "hot potato" about changing my stinky diaper. Finally Grandma said, "If Owen brings me the diaper, I will change it" Silly Grandma, so mom handed me the diaper ... I walked over to her and lay down on the wood floor, held up the diaper and wipes... ready to go! The second was my discovery that when wearing a breezy shorts outfit (as above), I could remove my diaper without unbuttoning my pants. I left the wet ones around the house for Uncle Ryan and Grandpa to find while Mom and Dad were out. I am quite talented.

On Saturday, Mom and I met up with Susan, Byron and Nolan. Nolan and I played a lot on the play equipment and in the sand, he was really nice and we had lots of fun on the slides where we got to train on down.

That evening, we spent some time with the Mochizukis and I tried strawberries for the first time. They sure were tart but I just couldn't stop eating them, they were so yummy!
I spent some time playing the piano and practicing blowing kisses. I am getting quite good at both!
Sunday, we went to Church in the morning (I particularly loved the Choir) then headed to Tulare to see Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry. Once I woke up from a deep nap, I had lots of fun playing in their backyard and with all of my Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles.
G'Aunties Gigi and Geralyne drove in from the bay area, and Great Uncles Steve, Geary and Andy joined us for brunch and were able to spend most of the afternoon! It was a beautiful day, Great-Grandma's flowers were all blooming and the company and food was wonderful! I played hard all day. Great-Auntie Geralyne gave me a pink bunny cookie that I enjoyed while Great-Auntie Gigi made me smile and laugh all afternoon. They were loads of fun.
Monday, we got to visit with Rebecca, who came over for breakfast and for fun playing in the backyard. Becky taught me to cheers! with my sippy-cup. She was really nice and brought me another cool Owen and Mzee book. We played in the yard and with her pretty necklace.
After brunch and fun, we all loaded back into the car and headed home. I slept for most of the ride, but got a little cranky just 20 minutes from home, so we stopped to see my friends in Freestone and then made the rest of the way. All in all a great trip and a beautiful Easter spent with family and friends.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools!

We have shared some lovely meals and special occasions this week. Tuesday we enjoyed Pizza with Matt Cascade and Caden, Caden and I got to play quite a bit and had a great time. Wednesday was a really nice dinner at Suzanne and Keith's house with Jarrett and Lila-Rose. I really liked the mashed potatoes and playing with Suzanne's cork collection, Mom and Dad thought the dinner was lovely, even though they had to spend most of their time running after me!
I got to spend most of Saturday with Dad while Mom worked, we ran some errands (okay, we shopped for a salmon fishing rod for Dad) and played a lot in the back yard. I am really happiest outside!
Sunday was a little more eventful. We all played in the morning, I love the swiffer and after helping with the vacuuming, I helped Dad finish the floors (Mom suggested reading Huckleberry Finn... maybe later, I was having a blast). April fools! We walked around town and my folks found some little guy chairs, as soon as they get cleaned up I will be sittin' pretty. Alas I slept through Occidental's April Fool's Day Parade. It's quite the event around here, the town gets seriously crazy. Mom and Scooter walked down for it, Scooter had a better time than last year. After the parade, and after my nap, we helped my good friend Caden celebrate his Birthday as well!
He turns 1 in a few days, so we had a lovely afternoon in their garden; we met some nice new people, enjoyed some yummy banana cake and played with their dandelions. I am learning how to blow the seeds, it's lots of fun and easier than blowing bubbles.
We also got to meet little Cormac for the first time. He was snoozin' for most of the party but is looking really good!
We ran a few errands after the party, including finding Scooter a new bed and some groceries. Here's a silly pic of me and Dad in the car waiting for Mommy to come out of Boarders.