Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools!

We have shared some lovely meals and special occasions this week. Tuesday we enjoyed Pizza with Matt Cascade and Caden, Caden and I got to play quite a bit and had a great time. Wednesday was a really nice dinner at Suzanne and Keith's house with Jarrett and Lila-Rose. I really liked the mashed potatoes and playing with Suzanne's cork collection, Mom and Dad thought the dinner was lovely, even though they had to spend most of their time running after me!
I got to spend most of Saturday with Dad while Mom worked, we ran some errands (okay, we shopped for a salmon fishing rod for Dad) and played a lot in the back yard. I am really happiest outside!
Sunday was a little more eventful. We all played in the morning, I love the swiffer and after helping with the vacuuming, I helped Dad finish the floors (Mom suggested reading Huckleberry Finn... maybe later, I was having a blast). April fools! We walked around town and my folks found some little guy chairs, as soon as they get cleaned up I will be sittin' pretty. Alas I slept through Occidental's April Fool's Day Parade. It's quite the event around here, the town gets seriously crazy. Mom and Scooter walked down for it, Scooter had a better time than last year. After the parade, and after my nap, we helped my good friend Caden celebrate his Birthday as well!
He turns 1 in a few days, so we had a lovely afternoon in their garden; we met some nice new people, enjoyed some yummy banana cake and played with their dandelions. I am learning how to blow the seeds, it's lots of fun and easier than blowing bubbles.
We also got to meet little Cormac for the first time. He was snoozin' for most of the party but is looking really good!
We ran a few errands after the party, including finding Scooter a new bed and some groceries. Here's a silly pic of me and Dad in the car waiting for Mommy to come out of Boarders.

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