Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Well, to back up a smidge, it was a pretty quiet week. Mommy had a lot of work this week, so was kept pretty busy, though we did get to enjoy pizza with James and his folks... I missed them, they went on a cool trip out east. We took a long weekend and I got to head to Fresno to see Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ryan.
It was so nice to see and play with them! I got to hunt for Easter eggs all weekend, and was pretty good at finding and opening them. I also played a lot with bubbles. I really have the blowing down, though need some help to actually make the bubbles.
We had two good diaper incidents this weekend. The first was when the grown-ups were playing "hot potato" about changing my stinky diaper. Finally Grandma said, "If Owen brings me the diaper, I will change it" Silly Grandma, so mom handed me the diaper ... I walked over to her and lay down on the wood floor, held up the diaper and wipes... ready to go! The second was my discovery that when wearing a breezy shorts outfit (as above), I could remove my diaper without unbuttoning my pants. I left the wet ones around the house for Uncle Ryan and Grandpa to find while Mom and Dad were out. I am quite talented.

On Saturday, Mom and I met up with Susan, Byron and Nolan. Nolan and I played a lot on the play equipment and in the sand, he was really nice and we had lots of fun on the slides where we got to train on down.

That evening, we spent some time with the Mochizukis and I tried strawberries for the first time. They sure were tart but I just couldn't stop eating them, they were so yummy!
I spent some time playing the piano and practicing blowing kisses. I am getting quite good at both!
Sunday, we went to Church in the morning (I particularly loved the Choir) then headed to Tulare to see Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Grandpa Jerry. Once I woke up from a deep nap, I had lots of fun playing in their backyard and with all of my Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles.
G'Aunties Gigi and Geralyne drove in from the bay area, and Great Uncles Steve, Geary and Andy joined us for brunch and were able to spend most of the afternoon! It was a beautiful day, Great-Grandma's flowers were all blooming and the company and food was wonderful! I played hard all day. Great-Auntie Geralyne gave me a pink bunny cookie that I enjoyed while Great-Auntie Gigi made me smile and laugh all afternoon. They were loads of fun.
Monday, we got to visit with Rebecca, who came over for breakfast and for fun playing in the backyard. Becky taught me to cheers! with my sippy-cup. She was really nice and brought me another cool Owen and Mzee book. We played in the yard and with her pretty necklace.
After brunch and fun, we all loaded back into the car and headed home. I slept for most of the ride, but got a little cranky just 20 minutes from home, so we stopped to see my friends in Freestone and then made the rest of the way. All in all a great trip and a beautiful Easter spent with family and friends.

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