Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm all shook up!

Wait... is that... could it be the KING?? It's certainly the King, and that's me in the baby-pod trying to stay dry in the drizzle during fish fest.
Tuesday was baby central. The grown-ups dinner together has turned into more of a play-date... fine by me!!! I had a blast with James and Caden. We all played together and had a great time.
Friday, I got to visit the lab as folks got ready for Fish Fest. They had to get all of the decorations together for the festivities. I learned lots! Mostly I watched very carefully how everyone was filling up their glasses, then I picked up a cup of my own and tried my very best to get it to work... I could only get a drop, but worth the try. I wish I could say I had a blast at Fish Fest on Saturday, but it was cold and rainy so Mom hardly let me out of my stroller all day. I did well for most of it, but almost didn't make it to the race... The Race! This was indeed the highlight, and explains Dad's crazy outfits (Hail to the King!).
He and his pals with BMSA (Bodega Marine Sciences Association) made a boat in three hours then raced it against nine other boats! Dad was the paddler... look at him go!
We won the spiffy skiffy award and came in third place in the race.That night we had a great dinner with James, Randall, David and Alex at James' house. It was so nice to hang out with everyone. A really nice end to an otherwise damp day.
Sunday we got to see Uncle Dudley and Auntie Gigi for brunch. I love running around her garden and hearing about Uncle's trip to China. Daddy thinks I can add another word to my vocabulary list.... "Fish" which is more of a really harsh "shshshh" noise with a fair bit of spitting.
I also want to welcome Anna (or Ana) Sophia Talley to the big world. She was born Thursday night... can't wait to meet her!

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