Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Showers!

Well, we headed back to Fresno this weekend for a quick visit and to help our dear friends Jeff and Diane Haddock celebrate their impending baby!!! Baby-boy Haddock won't be out and about until July but we wanted to shower them with love. We drove up Friday, had a relaxing evening with Grandma and Grandpa. Saturday morning Grandma found a tick in my leg... EW! It came out okay and we're keeping an eye on it. Saturday was the party, which was super fun. Diane, Jeff, Becky, Casey, Susan, Nolan all helped celebrate as well as everyone's parents (The Smiths, Chens (including Alan), Burkharts and of course my g'folk!). Brunch was some take-out dim-sum and cake ... mmmm cake. Mrs. Smith brought a bubble machine which Nolan and I loved to run in. Grandma Terri brought out a big box that we also had lots of fun in... I got to play in it all weekend. It's a great fort! I let even got Daddy, Grandpa Tom and Mommy (at different times) to join me. The adults got to help deck out the baby by decorating lots of onesies and with lots of fun baby gear and gifts.

After the celebration, we got to enjoy the rest of the sunny sunny afternoon. I helped Grandma and Grandpa in the garden.
Fresno is pretty hot, so I splashed in the spa for a while. It was a little cold to get all the way in the water, but I had fun splashing my feet and dropping things that made big kerplunks into the water. That night I played with Grandpa on their exercise ball, he would bang on it like a big drum and make me laugh sooo hard! We were pretty pooped by the end of the day... I slept really well, I think we all did! Sunday we ate breakfast and hit the road again... I slept most of the way so I was a little wired when we got home, and got to stay up late. I have been insisting on wearing the dinosaur boots Great-grandma Mary got me over my pajamas on most evenings. I love them and spend lots of time stomping around in them and pestering Scooter.
To update on my word list (if you can call strung together vowel sounds words... they mean something to me!) I have Baw (ball), Dow (dog), Aow (out), Uh (with enthusiasm... up), Eye (hi!).... yeah.. no "mama" or "dada" but my folks are pretty pleased... I also sign a wee little bit, In addition to food, more, done, bath which I have known for a while, I often can use please now too, and of course pointing with empathises. I am also good at hugging, giving and blowing kisses.

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