Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strawberry season!

It's been another wonderful week. Although we have had a few rainy mornings the weather has been really nice... so lots of time outside! Plus we have been enjoying stawberry shortcakes with all of the great berries that are in season. We have also have shared some really nice meals with friends this week. Tuesday was our regular pizza dinner but in addition to James, Randall and David, we got to visit with Kristen who has been in Arizona this year, but out for a visit and with Jarrett! It was so nice to see these guys... it had been a long time! On Saturday, Mom and Dad's boss and all around nice guy Greg was visiting so Dad put together a Chili crab feast. The Hughes-Kimbro clan joined us. Super yum, we were all so busy eating that we forgot to take pictures... too bad because James and I were having a blast making each other laugh and playing together.
On Sunday we met up with cousins Kaylee, Clark, Ann and Jason to pick up some wine from William Selyem and Rochioli... two great vineyards out here. I think the grown ups thought they were great for the wine. Kaylee and I thought they were great for the nice outdoor space. We followed up some frolicking in the vineyard with a nice lunch at Willies in Healdsburg. Had a nice afternoon eating and walking around town until we were both way overdue for naps. Kaylee and I had fun running around, Clark snoozed almost the whole time... such a mellow dude!
I had an appointment with Dr. Cunningham again this Thursday. I took four shots and a finger prick with only about 15 seconds of screaming... I think this is about it for a while, only one more shot left, I can totally handle it. I now weigh 22 lbs, am 31.25" long and my head circumference is 19.5".

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