Sunday, May 27, 2007

party all the time!

What a week! We have had nearly non-stop fun fun fun! Monday we had a great bratwurst cookout at Jarrett's house. I had a blast chasing down his kittens, playing with Caden and, well, putting a bag on my head. I was being a bit of a clown, so Daddy tried to help out by cutting some eye holes. They may have been made a bit low... Tuesday was ever popular pizza fun with James, David and Randall... we even got a freebie pizza this week thanks to a goof by the Union (one of the yummiest we've had in a while). James is so close to crawling! Wednesday, Mommy turned in her dissertation so now it's officially Dr. Mommy! Yippie! Suzanne, Gage and Keith kept an eye on me that evening so Mommy and Daddy could go out to enjoy some fancy schmancy dinner at Underwood... I had a blast and they came back all full with big grins on their faces. Which brings us to Thursday! I got to go into the lab for a nice party that the Stach Lab sponsored to celebrate TGIF for Mom (Thank Goodness it's FINISHED!). They didn't bring the camera but I can vouch for a lovely evening. Friday we... relaxed... well, just didn't have any big plans. But for the weekend the fun ramped up again with a great cookout at Suzanne, Keith and Gage's. The food was great but the best was all of the dogs that showed up (Scooter, Mika (a chihuahua), Gage and Eomer). They were all so good with the throngs of kids that were running (or sitting) about. I hung with James a bit, and played a lot with a few other kids that were there. Today, we kicked off the day with a pancake breakfast at Mom's all time favorite Firehouse...Camp meeker have the best griddle (it revolves)... and the best homemade sausage... Yum. They gave Daddy extra pancakes so he could share with me. We then got to head to San Rafael to enjoy a wonderful lunch and afternoon with family! Great-Auntie Gigi and G'Uncle Dudley had a nice party at their house. I am so glad that I got to meet my cousin Kellen from New York; he has such a great laugh! His folks Uncle Derek and Auntie Debbie also were out for a visit and it was so great to visit with them. Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom also drove out and they brought a pool... what a great way to play in the sunny afternoon. Kaylee and I had a blast splashing in the water... then filling it up with dirt.We also got to see Kaylee (obviously), Clark Uncle Jason, Auntie Ann, Auntie Erin... and we got to meet all sorts of Cheu family friends and I was very excited to meet Grandma's cousin ... the famous Caroline and Auntie Chow who were so sweet and fun to play with. Kaylee and I played lots... had deep conversations, chased lizards drove around in her cars... all around a busy afternoon. I am not sure what the grown-ups were thinking, but they thought they could get all of us kids together for a photo.... they did their best. I think Clark (the wee baby) was the most skeptical.
The whole group... now that's more of the right idea, as long as I don't have to be held for too long.
I almost forgot to mention... I FINALLY have new teeth. It's been months and months, but I have a couple of top molars that have popped through and one bottom one. I think there are a few more on their way... mom thinks my gums look like they are bulging. I have also added "bubble" or "bubow"to my vocabulary.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love, Owen

This has been a pretty special week. On Wednesday Mom gave her exit seminar at the marine lab. It was pretty exciting. Well, I had to give it a miss but the dinner afterwards was great, Daddy made ribs. Plus, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ry, Great-Aunts Gigi and Geralyne AND G'Uncle Mark came out for the seminar and set up the rest of the feast. I was a little quiet for the party... turns out I have another ear infection... ug, it's made me crabby. Me and James got to hang out and talk about how to deal with these things... We got to hang out with almost all of mom's labmates, including her mentor Jay. I think she's pretty excited to be done... all of the papers are signed and she just has until next Wednesday when she turns everything in... YAY!!!!!

I had a nice Thursday morning with the grandfolks and Uncle Ry. We were going to go visit Clark and Kaylee but Auntie Ann wasn't feeling well... we hope she is better soon! The up side was that I got them all to myself for the morning. We had a great breakfast, then played outside and had a quick walk around Sebastopol. I love hanging out with them. They also brought me this cool Bear Chair from Auntie Donna... I LOVE it!
Saturday Mom, Suzanne and I went to Kirsten and Mark's wedding. The chappel was in the redwoods and was just beautiful. The couple were all grins, and I had a nice time as well. Being outside kept be plenty occupied. I didn't quite make it through dinner, Dad came back from the Maker Fair, hung around the reception for a little bit, and took me home for some much needed rest. It was a beautiful evening and we owe Suzanne many thanks for being such a great friend and helping Mommy wrangle me and lug all of my gear around.

Today has been fairly mellow. We started the Bodega Firefighters' pancake breakfast... talk about yummy food! Plus we got to meet up with Grady, Tammi and Steve. Grady was super sweet and lots of fun to play with. We also saw them later, along with James getting a tour of the marine lab! I took a nice walk with Mom and Dad out to check out horseshoe cove. I spent my time identifying seaweeds and shells.
After Mom finished whatever she had to do... I had a nice nap. We visited Suzanne and Gauge dog for a little bit in the afternoon, and finished up the day with a burrito and a nice drive home. I almost stayed awake until we got home.
Mom just couldn't resist adding this picture of me working on her mother's day card.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yay for Mommy!

Mommy has been working tons this week, so it was extra fun to spend play time with her all weekend long! Friday we had a relaxing dinner at David, Randall and James's house to celebrate Suzanne's birthday. We had such a nice quiet evening... 'till David trapped some green beans in a pot, then set a bomb off on the stove. It was fun to see Suzanne, Keith and Gauge 'cause it had been a while since we got to share a nice meal with them. Gauge was so sweet and patient with me. Saturday, Mom and I hung out all day while Dad was at Lake Mendocino for a fishin' tourney (he came in 5th this time... no big shiny belt buckle but he had fun!). We shopped around in the morning, and went to Howarth park in the afternoon. They had the water on in the park. I was initially a little skeptical, but after Mom took my (already slightly damp) clothes off, I was a little more bold.
It was super fun as long as I didn't get too wet all at once. Every now and again I'd accidentally squirt myself in the face... ack!
Today is Mother's Day! I slept through the night until 8am as part of my mother's day celebration. Mom enjoyed the quiet morning... I gave her a home made card with some carefully placed stickers on the front and my hand print on the inside and a fun crab pendant. We had brunch at Caden, Matt and Cascade's place with Cormac, Tessa, Brian, James, Randall and David. It was lovely!
We ended the day with a yummy dinner cooked by Dad. Home made pasta with Mom's favorite saussage tomato sauce... I ate more than Mommy! I'm getting good about drinking from my sippy cup, and playing peek-a-boo. I impressed Mom and Dad tonight by picking out the book they were talking about from the book case without being asked... I'm getting good at listening!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Love is in the air....

Wednesday, there was a great Stachowicz lab dinner at Jarrett's house. Mom didn't take any pictures, but it was fun to get together with the lab and (of course) eat well. The weather is getting seriously nice, verging on hot, but it is still in the "perfect" range... which was appropriate because we went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday... Chris and Christina got married at Ocean Song, down the street from my house. It was a fantastic wedding with a beautiful outdoor setting (= nice for the wedding and so much space to run around in). I loved it because there were lots of my friends to hang with... James, Caden, even Gabe and Gavin came down with their parents all the way from Washington. It was so fun to play with kids so close to my age. We splashed lots in a little pond, got our diapers all changed at the same time, the twins shared their food and beverages with me and created general mayhem (but fun mayhem). Tons of people from BML were there and I met some new friends as well. The happy couple was just so... happy! Everyone had a wonderful time. After dancing the night away, I was so pooped by the end of the evening that I didn't even make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep.

Sunday I hung with Daddy in the morning (again... Mommy is working the tides in the morning these days) and we walked up to the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and picked up some plants for our garden. We had a great morning, played "I Spy" with the big vultures that circle our little valley and with flowers and butterflies on our walk. We ran some errands with Mom after she came home and we finished our day with a fun evening with the Farmhouse gang. Jim, Jess and Naoaki cooked up some yummy fish and veggies. The doggies got to play and I enjoyed their new swing set.