Sunday, May 06, 2007

Love is in the air....

Wednesday, there was a great Stachowicz lab dinner at Jarrett's house. Mom didn't take any pictures, but it was fun to get together with the lab and (of course) eat well. The weather is getting seriously nice, verging on hot, but it is still in the "perfect" range... which was appropriate because we went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday... Chris and Christina got married at Ocean Song, down the street from my house. It was a fantastic wedding with a beautiful outdoor setting (= nice for the wedding and so much space to run around in). I loved it because there were lots of my friends to hang with... James, Caden, even Gabe and Gavin came down with their parents all the way from Washington. It was so fun to play with kids so close to my age. We splashed lots in a little pond, got our diapers all changed at the same time, the twins shared their food and beverages with me and created general mayhem (but fun mayhem). Tons of people from BML were there and I met some new friends as well. The happy couple was just so... happy! Everyone had a wonderful time. After dancing the night away, I was so pooped by the end of the evening that I didn't even make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep.

Sunday I hung with Daddy in the morning (again... Mommy is working the tides in the morning these days) and we walked up to the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and picked up some plants for our garden. We had a great morning, played "I Spy" with the big vultures that circle our little valley and with flowers and butterflies on our walk. We ran some errands with Mom after she came home and we finished our day with a fun evening with the Farmhouse gang. Jim, Jess and Naoaki cooked up some yummy fish and veggies. The doggies got to play and I enjoyed their new swing set.

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