Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love, Owen

This has been a pretty special week. On Wednesday Mom gave her exit seminar at the marine lab. It was pretty exciting. Well, I had to give it a miss but the dinner afterwards was great, Daddy made ribs. Plus, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ry, Great-Aunts Gigi and Geralyne AND G'Uncle Mark came out for the seminar and set up the rest of the feast. I was a little quiet for the party... turns out I have another ear infection... ug, it's made me crabby. Me and James got to hang out and talk about how to deal with these things... We got to hang out with almost all of mom's labmates, including her mentor Jay. I think she's pretty excited to be done... all of the papers are signed and she just has until next Wednesday when she turns everything in... YAY!!!!!

I had a nice Thursday morning with the grandfolks and Uncle Ry. We were going to go visit Clark and Kaylee but Auntie Ann wasn't feeling well... we hope she is better soon! The up side was that I got them all to myself for the morning. We had a great breakfast, then played outside and had a quick walk around Sebastopol. I love hanging out with them. They also brought me this cool Bear Chair from Auntie Donna... I LOVE it!
Saturday Mom, Suzanne and I went to Kirsten and Mark's wedding. The chappel was in the redwoods and was just beautiful. The couple were all grins, and I had a nice time as well. Being outside kept be plenty occupied. I didn't quite make it through dinner, Dad came back from the Maker Fair, hung around the reception for a little bit, and took me home for some much needed rest. It was a beautiful evening and we owe Suzanne many thanks for being such a great friend and helping Mommy wrangle me and lug all of my gear around.

Today has been fairly mellow. We started the Bodega Firefighters' pancake breakfast... talk about yummy food! Plus we got to meet up with Grady, Tammi and Steve. Grady was super sweet and lots of fun to play with. We also saw them later, along with James getting a tour of the marine lab! I took a nice walk with Mom and Dad out to check out horseshoe cove. I spent my time identifying seaweeds and shells.
After Mom finished whatever she had to do... I had a nice nap. We visited Suzanne and Gauge dog for a little bit in the afternoon, and finished up the day with a burrito and a nice drive home. I almost stayed awake until we got home.
Mom just couldn't resist adding this picture of me working on her mother's day card.

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