Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yay for Mommy!

Mommy has been working tons this week, so it was extra fun to spend play time with her all weekend long! Friday we had a relaxing dinner at David, Randall and James's house to celebrate Suzanne's birthday. We had such a nice quiet evening... 'till David trapped some green beans in a pot, then set a bomb off on the stove. It was fun to see Suzanne, Keith and Gauge 'cause it had been a while since we got to share a nice meal with them. Gauge was so sweet and patient with me. Saturday, Mom and I hung out all day while Dad was at Lake Mendocino for a fishin' tourney (he came in 5th this time... no big shiny belt buckle but he had fun!). We shopped around in the morning, and went to Howarth park in the afternoon. They had the water on in the park. I was initially a little skeptical, but after Mom took my (already slightly damp) clothes off, I was a little more bold.
It was super fun as long as I didn't get too wet all at once. Every now and again I'd accidentally squirt myself in the face... ack!
Today is Mother's Day! I slept through the night until 8am as part of my mother's day celebration. Mom enjoyed the quiet morning... I gave her a home made card with some carefully placed stickers on the front and my hand print on the inside and a fun crab pendant. We had brunch at Caden, Matt and Cascade's place with Cormac, Tessa, Brian, James, Randall and David. It was lovely!
We ended the day with a yummy dinner cooked by Dad. Home made pasta with Mom's favorite saussage tomato sauce... I ate more than Mommy! I'm getting good about drinking from my sippy cup, and playing peek-a-boo. I impressed Mom and Dad tonight by picking out the book they were talking about from the book case without being asked... I'm getting good at listening!

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