Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy rocks!!

I sure feel like a lucky kid to have a daddy this great. This week was relatively mellow, had a nice pizza night with my pals James, Caden and their families, including James' Grandma Lil. She's super nice, I got to visit with her a few times this week. Thursday, was my day with Mommy, we ran errands and I got a haircut! I was so good and patient, we enjoyed a burrito next door and I charmed all of the gruff fellas taking their lunch. That evening I hung out with the guys for a bit while Mommy visited with her girlfriends. Friday was fun, I came home and remembered that the Occidental Farmer's market opened that evening. I ran around a lot, picked out some flowers for Mommy, and danced to the band. Saturday I had a pretty good day. Daddy went abalone diving, so I mostly hung out with mom in the morning, painted a bit (had to get a quick bath afterwards) and worked in the garden during a nice cool respite from the past several hot days. Today was a big day... It's Father's day!! Mom and I picked Daddy out a drill on Thursday, I think he liked it. He was a bit silly though and spent all of his attention at the stuff on the inside while just leaving the box behind. I love that box, not only is a great outfit but it is a pretty comfy pillow too! We had a nice mellow morning, blintzes for breakfast followed by a nice hike in the Grove of the Old Trees, up in the hills here. We had a great time... the woods were pretty, I got to ride in the backpack carrier and there were tons of sticks and trees, which I love. We rounded off a great day with dinner shared at Suzanne's, I always have fun at their house, but this time I got to watch David and Randall Hulla-hoop! Randall was pretty good, and I think with some practice David could get it too!

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