Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello Michigan!

After a fun-filled day in New York, we hopped on another plane to go to Michigan to visit my Great-Grandpa Em , Great-Auntie Ann, Cousins Katie and Jay and Adam! All were super nice and lots of fun. Monday night, Great-Grandpa picked us up and when we got to his home, Katie and Adam were there with Pizza! I got to play with their super sweet and super soft dog Onyx. Thank goodness everyone has puppies to keep me occupied.
The next day, we headed over to Great-Auntie Ann's house. I had a great time because it had really started to get hot and steamy, but we got to go in the neighbor's pool! I had a blast, more fun than I have ever had in water (that wasn't my bath). I kicked, floated a little bit and splashed lots!
She also had some cute dogs (Wolf and Chloe) who were very sweet with me. Jay came home early so we could hang out a little bit after lunch. It was nice to see him too!
After we got home, Great-Grandpa and I had snacks together, really I ate most of his, but we hung out and talked about what a nice day we had.
That night Grandpa had made some Tilapia for us for dinner, it was delish! He also kindly shared lots of his strawberry shortcake with me.
Katie, Adam and Onyx were there too so we had quite the party. I loved seeing them, they're so nice.
On our last day of vacation, we went on a nice walk with Great-Grandpa around his neighborhood, then played in his yard. I attacked his really pretty flowers. They were just so bright and hard to resist.
After a little rest. Mom, Great-Grandpa and I went over to G'Grandpa's church to see where Great-Grandma Jean is and a nice bench that is dedicated to her. It was a beautiful church with amazing gardens that I got to explore.
After that, we pretty much packed up and headed out to the airport. We hit a bit of traffic, but made it there in the nick of time. The flight home was pretty much like the flight out. About three hours of me playing, eating and fighting off sleep, and two hours or so of sleep. This time we got our own row so at least I could stretch out a little bit better.

Home at last. I loved traveling and visiting and getting all sorts of love and attention from my family, but it is nice to be home too. We have been taking things pretty easy this weekend... ran a few errands yesterday (Mom dragged me to a fabric store... not bad, lots to touch) then met Caden and Cascade in the park for an hour or so of romping around. Today, Daddy and I went over to visit James and his folks. Daddy and David took me to their pool, I had a blast... I kicked, blew bubbles, I had fun even when daddy dunked me. David, Randall and James came over for Nachos tonight. It was a nice end to the weekend. James was showing off his crawling and smiling all night. He charmed the pants off of Scooter couldn't resist showering the poor guy in kisses.
We had so much fun I was wired for a little bit before crashing pretty hard for a well earned night's rest.

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