Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello New York!

Last night we got back from a big family vacation to Wolcott (NY) then to Detroit (MI). The first question Mom and Dad seem to get is "How did he (I) do on the plane?"... well, as expected they just try to keep me cooped up in a seat too long and too late at night, but I did manage to sleep a few hours both on the way out and on the way back (after being stuffed silly with all of the food they brought and rolling around for a few hours).

Anyhow... we took off last Wednesday at 12:30 AM... yep, a red-eye. We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Steves'. It was nice to run around in their huge yard and I love their Molly-dog. Daddy napped a bit, then we enjoyed a yummy steak dinner. Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dad and Grandpa went fishing while Mom, Grandma and I hung out for part of the day. We spent our time together playing in the yard, with all of the fun toys at grandma's house, blowing bubbles (lots), chasing the dog and just enjoying the lovely days. This is me and a japanes maple that the grandfolks planted when my folks got married... and then with Grandpa's fancy firetruck.

Thursday, I slept in, we walked to see Great Grandma Steves, I had a huge nap, then when the fellas got back we had a fish fry. Friday we scoped out Duck Lake first thing in the morning to see what it looked like for fishing. Grandma, Mom and I stopped off at the Mennonite shop on the way back. After Grandpa and Dad got back from fishing, I got to play with their net! I really took a liking to netting things... Daddy, Grandpa, etc...
That evening, we ate at a great Mexican restaurant then went out and Grandma got me a cool ball and we visited bass pro shop to pick out a fish finder for Grandpa (I liked the fish). Saturday, we went to Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie's house for dinner while the grandfolk were at a wedding. I met their cute dog Polar Bear, played in their yard, the grown-ups had a fantastic dinner of lamb and veggie kebobs and strawberry shortcake, but there was too much to do for me to settle and eat. We finished up with a lovely walk on the Erie canal.

Sunday was also super fun. During my nap, Grandma watched me while Mom got to join Dad and Grandpa for a fishing trip. Mom got lots of fish (well, more than the guys) so she was pretty happy. They came back after my nap and they picked me up for a quick tour of the bay. Heck, I even got to net a fish (like I said... love that net). I really had a great time! That afternoon, Tami and Eddie came up and the five of us (+Mom, Dad and I) walked up to the Ice cream stand and got a snack (If you can call a HUGE cone of frozen custard a snack). Hey, do you like my cap? Grandpa Steves gave it to me; it fits well, I love to wear it and it's a genuine antique hat, and looks great on!
Then we headed over to visit Great-grandma Steves. It was nice to see her and Uncle Rich and the woodchucks that live under her deck.
We finished off with a short hike down to Wolcott falls. They just jazzed up the overlook and put some lights on the falls recently, but I like them either way.
Monday, was all about m-o-i, though I think everyone had a good time. Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Museum of Play, which houses the National Toy Hall of Fame and a fun butterfly exhibit. Daddy really liked all of the chrysalises on display, with a few emerging butterflies and moths.
The "play" part was great! There was so much to do, though I almost didn't get out of the sandbox (one of my favorite activities). One of the highlights included a mini wegmans (grocery store), I picked out some carrots and cheese, then checked myself out (If only Great-Grandpa Jerry had seen me working the cash register like a pro!). There was also a sesame street section where I could actually dance and be on TV with Elmo while we did the alphabet. I have a book with him in it so I showed him how I was "Soooo BIG!" too.
After spending all morning playing, we met up with Aunt Tami for a super yummy lunch at the Dinosaur BBQ. We then went to Great-Aunt Ethel and G'Uncle Butch's house on Black Crick. Aunt Ethel was great, she showed me how to throw rocks into the water and splash people! G'Aunt Lou (who got splashed) and G'Uncle Geary were also there so it was fun to chat with them too.
After a short visit, we headed to the airport to go visit my Great-Grandpa Em and more Cousins and another Auntie! Stay tuned for part II of my fantastic adventure... "Hello Michigan!"

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