Sunday, June 03, 2007

Soccer, splashing and sunshine

A much quieter week, but still a lovely one. Tuesday, Mommy and I watched Daddy play Soccer with the BMSA group. He scored a goal, but has spent the rest of the week paying for it. He's walkin' pretty funny... that's him running in the background.Friday night I got to hang out with Daddy, James, David and Keith while the ladies enjoyed a cocktail hour (or two!). Well, we had a good time too, plus I got to stop by and see Gage when they were all done. Saturday we got to see Kellen, Uncle Derek and Aunt Debbie again before they left for New York. Kaylee practiced her photography and shot the above picture. Clark dozed, Kellen got a new haircut and played in the pool. Kaylee and I had another fun pool afternoon. That is until I slipped and bonked my head pretty good. I still wanted to play, but didn't want to get in the water, so I just helped Kellen a bit. That evening we got to visit with Caden and his folks. Dad cooked up Jai, a chinese dish with lots of reconstituted ingredients. Caden and I had fun taunting Scooter across the fence. Today, was nice, sunny. Mommy and I walked around Sebastopol and the farmer's market while Daddy went fishing. He caught a lot and brought a few home... I'm not sure what I think of them. We had a fun afternoon with James and his folks at the park before heading home to enjoy daddy's fish. It was great!

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