Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whale Rider

I hope everyone had as nice of a week as I did! I got to ride a whale at the refurbished park near Caden's house! Well, to back up a little bit, we continued our tradition of super play date and Tuesday pizza night with James and Caden and their folks. It's getting increasingly fun for me as the others are getting increasingly mobile. Thursday, I got to hang out with Mommy who has started taking that day off to play with me. We went to the park, walked around Sebastopol, colored... had a lovely day. That evening I got to eat some delish black and blueberry crumble at Caden's house to welcome some folks into the lab, including my ol' pal Emily who's back from the east coast. Friday, we went to Ace for some ale, well, I went for the company and the cool fountain. It was super nice to see Suzanne and Keith and to help my bud James celebrate his 8 month birthday! Of course it wasn't until this weekend that the folks decided to pull out the ol' camera, but it was worth it for our day trip up to Fort Bragg. We went to this cool place called Glass Beach. It has an unglamorous history of being an old dump, but now it's all sparkly smooth seaglass. The pictures can't really capture all of the glass... but it's probably at least 80%. I had a blast, though would enjoy any beach. I touched sea anemones, limpets, chitons, seaweed and tossed several snails back into the water. I particularly liked finding a little cave, then YELLING at all of the critters in it before poking each one. Mostly I just like raking, running and trying to get wet (I made it once or twice before Mom and Dad caught up). We headed home after some good beach time, but made a stop for icecream in Mendocino. Mmmm I love icecream!! Today was pretty nice too. I hung with Mommy again 'cause Daddy had a fishing tourney down in Half Moon Bay. He caught a big Cabezon that we ate for dinner (finishing in 6th). Mommy and I ran errands, played in the park (where I caught a ride with the whale) and went down the slide a million times. I love slides. In the afternoon, we walked around downtown Sebastopol and stopped by to visit James, David, Randall and Mrs. Hughes who is visiting this week!
This picture's for you Auntie Tami... from the car window on the way home... cows enjoying the view.

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