Sunday, July 29, 2007


We have enjoyed yet another busy busy week! Monday was a lovely farewell dinner for Caden, Matt and Cascade at Susan Williams' house. They take off for the east coast next week! I had a great time, even after I fell on my face (resulting in some good scabs later). My boo-boos were quickly soothed with a blueberry muffin. Blueberries make everything better. We enjoyed our Tuesday dinner with Caden, James and their families. The pizza was good, and we got to all play together and have a great time! Caden showed off of his walking skills on my car walker. He enjoyed it so much we asked him to take it home for a tune-up and a test-drive. Friday was the annual BMSA potluck and cooking contest. I love going to the lab. I got lots of attention, and played incessantly with an old volley-ball. There was tons of great food to be enjoyed, though as per usual, there was too much going on for me to set down for any amount of time to eat properly. My folks had to settle for sneaking in mouthfuls when I would infrequently pause. Cynthia (who can always make me smile) won the best-in-show with a fancy pizza. Saturday, we had a relatively mellow day. Mommy, Daddy and I went to Howarth park for some good play time. I am getting quite bold these days and have no problem climbing up rope ladders and swinging like a monkey from anything that I can reach.
After some play time, we walked around Spring Lake. After a lunch of Pho, I got a nap and when I woke up... I got a surprise! A haircut courtesy of Daddy! It was going pretty well until I got my sides done... they maybe a bit short, but I don't mind. Those buzzing trimmers are pretty interesting, though I didn't like the scissors much.
Today was pretty laid back. We hung around at home, I played my favorite game of making piles... on Daddy preferably. This evening we did get to attend a pool party at James' home. I really love the water, splashed, dunked and kicked! Afterwards it was fun to play with my buds while our folks hung out. Plus I got to see Gage, Suzanne, Keith, their friend Roxanne, Kristen... all sorts of groovy folks.

I am currently lovin' a few tunes, in particular "Happy Birthday" which I can sing along to and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" which I can do the hand signs on. Otherwise, I am still completely enamored with berries (we had to hit the blueberry farm again today), am really enjoying making piles with all of my toys, and have gotten much more interested in books lately and can sit still for several in a row! Favorites still include Baby Elmo, but I'm also liking the Shaggy Dog, Jamberry, and anything that has fuzz (like my Baby Animals book) or with a flip-up like my Peek-a-boo Zoo book.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I came... I ate...

In general this week, I passed my virus onto my folks... so most of the week was pretty quiet. Thursday, Mommy and I checked out the Sebastopol blueberry patch and it was so good... we brought Daddy back on Saturday! We ate blueberries and some blueberry ice cream! I LOVE blueberries. They maybe my favorite thing ever. Well, except maybe picking the blackberries from the path. With all of the blackberry bushes ripe right now...we have to figure in extra time to get about anywhere... have to make time for snacks. Today we went to the Sebastopol Farmer's market. My folks picked up a lot of peaches... lots and lots. I had a great time running in the fountain. Mommy let me get all wet, it was pretty sweet.All of this summer fruit is fantastic. After my "nap" (the quotes indicate that I spent an hour in my crib, chatting away and playing with my animals and blankets), we played at home for a bit then headed over to the Occidental Fireman's BBQ. It's held in a grove at the edge of town and was not only a good barbecue but also lots of fun carnival games. My favorite was "throw a hunk of potato at a salami, if you hit it you get a salami" Daddy tried, no salami (squint, they're hanging in front of that tarp).
No kidding, I loved this game, I sat and watched people try for 20 minutes (that's a long time for me to sit still).
I actually fell asleep for real on the way home, and enjoyed a good nap, just a little later than usual. That evening Daddy and I hit the berry bushes again so Mommy could make a pie. She said it was for later, and I'd have to wait.
I also wanted to send out a big "Welcome to the world!!!" to Benjamin Haddock, who joined us on Wednesday. I am so excited that he's here and I can't wait until we get to meet! Have a good'un Benjamin!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday, so Daddy and I baked her a yummy cake... her favorite, a chocolate praline whipped cream delight. I like the whipped cream the best. We got to celebrate with lots of friends, and our first salmon of the season! Yummy! This past week has been pretty fun, though relatively mellow. Friday, I was sent home early from daycare with a fever, but by nine or so that night, I was fine. Saturday, Dad was in another fishing tournament, so he was out most of the day, but Mom and I had a great time. I painted some wrapping paper for Kaylee, I am in a blue period... lots and lots of blue. We ran around Sebastopol, running errands and generally having a nice and relaxing day. We finished up our nice day with a really great picnic with Caden, Matt and Cascade in the park. Matt made some yummy pizza (well, my folks liked it, there was too much to do for me to eat much) and all in all it was a fun evening. Sunday, we celebrated Mom's birthday a little early with a shopping trip to SF. It was okay, though I think Mommy really enjoyed herself. Dad and I hung out... though I was a little glazed by the end of the day. Fortunately, we were able to play with Kaylee, Clark, Auntie Gigi, Uncle Dudley, Auntie Ann and Uncle Jason. There was a homegrown potato salad, some particularly yummy tres-leche cake, and a nice happy birthday song for both Mommy and Kaylee. It was, as always, so wonderful to see them all. Monday evening, James, Randall, David, Caden, Cascade, Matt, Emily, Suzanne, Keith and Gage came over to for dinner... salmon! and among other delish dishes... cake! We always love having everyone over for a big meal, all the silly people make any event extra special.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Like my new shiner?... that's what you get when you are fearless (and fall off of play equipment).

We have had a fun and eventful week. Enjoyed a great dinner on Tuesday at James, David and Randall's house with a ton of people... all of the Stachowicz lab folks out for the summer! Wednesday was the fourth, which remained pretty quiet for us. I still go to bed too early to really appreciate the fireworks displays. However, I did get to try out swimming again with James'. I'm getting the hang of the pool.

On Friday... it was my 18 month birthday! My folks picked me up from daycare only to discover my wicked black eye. I fell off of some play equipment and bonked myself pretty hard. All is well, I remain undeterred from incessantly climbing on all sorts of things I probably shouldn't. In fact, my folks found me in my highchair this week, all by myself! Eek (that's more Mom's words... lots of "eek!"... I think it's pretty cool). Anyhow, I got to look pretty cool for a little cookout and popsicle evening that we shared with James and Caden and their folks.
Saturday morning we took off to visit Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom in Fresno! I slept almost all of the drive out there and we made it in record time. We had a nice and mellow Saturday, after we arrived. Lunch, playing in the spa, dinner... then Mom and Dad got to go see a movie while I took a long bath for Grandpa before they put me to bed. Sunday was pretty busy, but lots of fun. We started by heading to visit Great-Grandpa Jerry and Great-Grandma Mary. Uncle Steve also stopped by for a visit! I love visiting them, we got to check out some old pictures of Grandma and her brothers and sisters when they were my age! I also played in their back yard with the sprinkler.
We headed back to the Grandfolks' house where I settled in for a good long nap before heading over to the VanVolkinburg's house for a pool party... really it was an all around outdoor fun party. There were lots of friends with lots of kids there. Although I slept through the first few hours of the party, as soon as I got there, Daddy and I spent some time in the pool. I'm turning into quite the fish and am really comfortable and happy in the water. I pretty much skipped lunch then went strait to the sandbox... it got a little busy, but all of the kids were really sweet and played nice together. To top off all of the fun, they had a B-I-G waterslide in their backyard. I LOVED it! After trying it out a few times with Daddy, I climbed it all on my own then slid down... solo... a lot. I could climb up the ladder on my own. I was feeling pretty bold and was having a super great time.

I had such a great time, I didn't want to leave! By the time we all got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house we were pretty beat. Grandma and Mommy worked on a sewing project (like the romper they made me?) then we went to bed. What a great weekend!

Headed back home today... a pretty uneventful ride, but it's nice to be home! In addition to my climbing skills, I have a bunch of new teeth! My vocab is still a little garbled, but my folks think I have blueberry and blackberry and yumumummum!

I also want to say Happy Birthday to Kaylee!!! I had to miss the big -2- with her, but wish her the very very very best.