Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday, so Daddy and I baked her a yummy cake... her favorite, a chocolate praline whipped cream delight. I like the whipped cream the best. We got to celebrate with lots of friends, and our first salmon of the season! Yummy! This past week has been pretty fun, though relatively mellow. Friday, I was sent home early from daycare with a fever, but by nine or so that night, I was fine. Saturday, Dad was in another fishing tournament, so he was out most of the day, but Mom and I had a great time. I painted some wrapping paper for Kaylee, I am in a blue period... lots and lots of blue. We ran around Sebastopol, running errands and generally having a nice and relaxing day. We finished up our nice day with a really great picnic with Caden, Matt and Cascade in the park. Matt made some yummy pizza (well, my folks liked it, there was too much to do for me to eat much) and all in all it was a fun evening. Sunday, we celebrated Mom's birthday a little early with a shopping trip to SF. It was okay, though I think Mommy really enjoyed herself. Dad and I hung out... though I was a little glazed by the end of the day. Fortunately, we were able to play with Kaylee, Clark, Auntie Gigi, Uncle Dudley, Auntie Ann and Uncle Jason. There was a homegrown potato salad, some particularly yummy tres-leche cake, and a nice happy birthday song for both Mommy and Kaylee. It was, as always, so wonderful to see them all. Monday evening, James, Randall, David, Caden, Cascade, Matt, Emily, Suzanne, Keith and Gage came over to for dinner... salmon! and among other delish dishes... cake! We always love having everyone over for a big meal, all the silly people make any event extra special.

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