Sunday, July 22, 2007

I came... I ate...

In general this week, I passed my virus onto my folks... so most of the week was pretty quiet. Thursday, Mommy and I checked out the Sebastopol blueberry patch and it was so good... we brought Daddy back on Saturday! We ate blueberries and some blueberry ice cream! I LOVE blueberries. They maybe my favorite thing ever. Well, except maybe picking the blackberries from the path. With all of the blackberry bushes ripe right now...we have to figure in extra time to get about anywhere... have to make time for snacks. Today we went to the Sebastopol Farmer's market. My folks picked up a lot of peaches... lots and lots. I had a great time running in the fountain. Mommy let me get all wet, it was pretty sweet.All of this summer fruit is fantastic. After my "nap" (the quotes indicate that I spent an hour in my crib, chatting away and playing with my animals and blankets), we played at home for a bit then headed over to the Occidental Fireman's BBQ. It's held in a grove at the edge of town and was not only a good barbecue but also lots of fun carnival games. My favorite was "throw a hunk of potato at a salami, if you hit it you get a salami" Daddy tried, no salami (squint, they're hanging in front of that tarp).
No kidding, I loved this game, I sat and watched people try for 20 minutes (that's a long time for me to sit still).
I actually fell asleep for real on the way home, and enjoyed a good nap, just a little later than usual. That evening Daddy and I hit the berry bushes again so Mommy could make a pie. She said it was for later, and I'd have to wait.
I also wanted to send out a big "Welcome to the world!!!" to Benjamin Haddock, who joined us on Wednesday. I am so excited that he's here and I can't wait until we get to meet! Have a good'un Benjamin!

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