Saturday, August 25, 2007


Largely a quiet week for me, but my folks are getting all worked up about finding a home up in Portland. We leave tomorrow morning, so spent tried to relax a little yesterday and today. With Daddy's birthday quickly approaching, David, Randall and James coordinated an awesome tour of Daddy's favorite brewery...Lagunitas. We did a tour last year around this time with the whole lab, but this was a little mellower. It was so great! It gave the folks a chance to relax a little bit and enjoy some reportedly good beers! We all went out to grab burritos. Of course for this fun outing, my folks didn't bring a camera, so if we can grab a picture from James's family we'll post it! Today was pretty cool for the most part. Mom and Randall did Yoga in the morning, while Daddy and I worked in the mines... nah, he just let me borrow his headlamp. You may note the little ball and the ring in my left hand... my two current absolutely favorite toys, I basically haul them around constantly when I'm at home these days.
After Yoga, the guys and I joined them for a bagel at the Cup o' Mud. After a quick visit with Suzi, we headed to Salmon Creek beach fun fun in the... well, overcast morning. It was super fun. James and I buried our feet in the sand, played musical shoes, and identified kelp. I loved the water and would run top speed right in. Mom and Dad would have to run to keep up with me and save me from the waves. While I was busy getting pretty wet, James tried out his Dad's surfboard... I think he maybe was getting the hang of it! We had a great morning until mommy was in a wee fender bender... no injuries no major damages, but it kinda sullied an otherwise great day. But since everyone was okay, we'll end on a brighter note... we take off tomorrow early in the morning for Portland! Yay a road trip! I'll let you know how things go!

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